Could Lunney

Whoever Hunter hires, I hope they give a good look at Lunney to be the OC. I think he’s plenty ready to make that move, especially if he (I know he does) aspires to be a HC someday.

We must go hard for an established winner no matter the cost. Shoot for the stars. Can’t take a chance on an “up and comer” or an O or D coordinator.

There is zero case to be made for Lunney to be the CEO Coach and if he thought Lindsey gave Arkansas the best chance to win after a 1 for 9 start, I question if he should be affiliated with a SEC program, period.

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Do you still feel this way?

Lunney could have a big statement today by leaving Chavis & Craddock in Fayetteville!

I do. Absolutely!

At one time I thought lunney might be a decent candidate for the job. Not after today. He loves Arkansas but do do I and that doesn’t make me or him qualified for the job. He needs an offensive coordinator position and some seasoning because today’s coaching exhibit leaves lots to be desired.

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Nothing against Barry but damn what did you expect? These players have revolted against Morris for 2 years. When you play 5 qb’s in one year that proves you don’t have one period.

Will have a better OL next year. Keep Steve Caldwell and those young de’s will play in NFL.

After Caldwell and traylor let new coach hire who they want.

Double yes to this…

I wonder if Lunney would be still on the staff if he wasn’t from Arkansas. Isn’t he the only surviving coach from the miserable years of JL, Bielema and Morris?

He is our best recruiter

Maybe Missouri will hire him. Complete the raid on Arkansas for players and a coach.

Another link to Arkansas at Missouri, Garrick McGee has been the offensive coordinator, but with the firing of their head coach, I suspect he won’t survive there. He did a better job preparing his 2nd and 3rd string QBs than Craddock did ours.

Pj I’ve been thinking the exact thing. I know he’s a former player, lifelong Arkansas resident former hs coach and all but he has been part of some of the worst football I have ever seen. I think he runs ST and they have been far from great and outside of a few good/great TE that group hasn’t been great

Derek Dooley is Mizzu’s OC.
McGhee is WR coach

Considering our roster I wouldn’t hang my hat on this

He has been ranked as one of the top 25 recruiters in the country on several occasions according to 247sports

Nationally or in the SEC?

You do know that they lost many of the good players due to illness or injury, right?

Uh not even close to best. 4th best maybe

Who specifically?