Could Lunney

Be our Dabo Swinney? If we were to somehow win our last two games does the interim tag get removed?

If he beats Number 1 LSU in Baton Rouge, he can have the job as far as I’m concerned.

Even though he no doubt will be a breath of fresh air these last two games, at this stage of program you really need someone who has been a head coach and built programs with a long track record.

Always hope the best for Lunney and hope he would remain on a new staff or get a shot with another program he might lead.

But no question he will give his all these final two games for his U.


I do think there is a case to be made that a humble person that has a deep love for the program could outperform some of these massive ego guys that are set in their ways and resistant to change.

Something about Lunney really makes me think he would figure it out, hire some great assistants, and get out of their way while he played CEO. And I think he’d make a good CEO.

It’s worked for Orgeron. I know it’s different with the resources there. But Lunney might be even better at it than he is.

If Lunney goes 2-0 an beats #1 LSU, why would we not give him the job?

This is all about winning and producing results.

If he can do that with this team, there’s something to him.

Let’s get real here. We aren’t going to beat LSU. That is not happening…now if we beat Missouri and looked organized somehow, well coached…he might get an interview.

Barry was one of my favorites when he played for Arkansas in those dark days, so I do like him. Does he have the potential to be a good head coach in the SEC? That is too much of a risk to take unless he shows some incredible stuff the next 3 weeks. I just hope he is a part of the program going forward.

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Yeah he’d probably deserve it if he kept it within 14 of LSU.

We can’t take the risk. But Clemson did take it and it paid off. I thought it was so stupid at the time.

He knows the culture. He knows the state. Favorite son so to speak. No buyout money.

Ah geez guys, now I’m actually getting a little excited about this.

He could keep Stepp and Traylor and use the money saved on HC for great coordinators.

Ok I’ll settle down now. Too big of a risk I know. :woozy_face:

If the team comes out spitting fire and fighting like banshees vs. LSU, then wins the Barry Bowl, I’m all in.

Last time we went into Baton Rouge with LSU ranked # 1 we left with a W.

The risk is higher for us. We are at a point we can’t stand another failure. If we were coming off some disappointing 8-4, 7-5 seasons after previous better records, we could be take some risks. We just don’t have the luxury of another whiff. (Yeah, I know there are no guarantees with anyone, but we’ve still got to go with the best odds.)

Amen! We just fired a coach and all we asked from him was to make steady improvement and if he had he would still be HC. If Barry builds continuity and a hunger in the guys in two weeks and they come out and play inspired football why in the world we go look somewhere else without giving him a shot. In a very short time we will know if he’s worthy to at least get a look, I’m thinking we might be surprised especially if he’s able to get the guys to play team ball which might be the truly first time this year they have all been on the same page. You never know what will happen with a interim coach, we are due for a lucky break! WPS

How about this. Let’s say we have to go the route of a young up and comer, who isn’t tied to bringing his own OC or any another OC. HY could “suggest” to him that we have a possible great OC in Lunney, if he wanted to interview him. HY does a little selling of Lunney, but puts zero pressure on the new HC to hire him. All this assumes that we do see a real difference in the team and their effort playing for him these last 2 games.

I really like Lunney, but I think he needs to be a coordinator here, or somewhere, before being considered for the HC position.

Maybe Barry finishes strong and a great candidate that we can afford does not emerge. We steal a page from Old Miz and make Barry the transitional coach. Someone to steady the ship and show that we can compete. Let the buyouts play out. Maybe our lawyers best the Patriot lawyers, maybe Chad gets a good P5 coordinator gig. Maybe Barry stuns the world and sticks around for 20 years. Maybe he goes 4-8, 5-7. and passes the baton to someone who can win big.

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Let me say this here and now. NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT GONNA HAPPEN that Arkansas will beat LSU this year.

I won’t even debate the talent/coaching issues… those are beyond contestation.

Since LSU just beat BAMA, the SEC has too much invested and too much to lose if LSU loses and jeopardizes its chance at the playoff. MILLIONS upon millions of dollars to be lost.

How many of you remember the atrocious mystery penalties against us when we were about to knock off Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators. If we even get close to hurting LSU, the no call fiasco in the New Orleans v Rams game will look like a mole hill compared to the mountain that will fall on us.

Having dethroned BAMA, LSU is now in the cat-bird seat and will be the favored/protected son for the rest of their games where the SEC has any influence. Millions of dollars at risk. Conspiracy theory… maybe, but just because your paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching you.

I would be thrilled to lose to LSU only because we wuz robbed.

If we’re tied or winning at LSU at halftime, Lunney might become the hottest coaching candidate on the market.

That only happens if they spot us 50 points. Chavis’s defense is just a little less resistant than air and the Tiger offense is in beast mode right now. TOP will be very meaningful if we don’t want to get blown out.

No matter what the outcome of this team thru the remainder of season, hope that we keep Lunney on the staff. Based on his history at Arkansas & what we know about him, he seems to have Frank Broyles type integrity & knowledge of sports & this program & may therefore someday prove to be a great UofA AD.

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Lunney has been with John L, Bielema and Morris and somehow came out unscathed and blameless. In the least, he has great skills in crisis management and surviving.