Could Lunney get O'Grady to return to the team?

Title says it all. Could Lunney getting the bump to IHC help O’Grady return to the team for the final two games? If he could, would he let him?

He was asked and said absolutely not.

This is/was a CJ thing, not a Chad Morris thing.

CJ was given so many chances to get his act cleaned up and he never did.

He would have been gone as a freshman or sophomore if he wasn’t so talented.

I am amazed he made it as long as he did.

Wow!!! Very telling

I know CJ personally and was told about his background as a child when I met him as a 7th grader. He’s had some tough times but he just can’t figure out how to grow up.

He has probably cost his self millions of dollars.

I have always wondered if Larry had not passed the way he did at such a young age how that might have shaped CJ’s life for the better.

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Thanks for asking. I couldn’t recall if he had been kicked off the team or he quit the team after being suspended. So I wasn’t sure if that allowed for a chance to return.

Thanks again.

Barry shut that down quick.

Lunney made the right decision. Sometimes the institution just has to take a stand. Morris, whatever his failings as a coach, was acting for the institution.

… Almost before the question had been completed.

Did not know Larry Marks is dead. If you don’t mind, can you say again when and how Larry passed? Thanks.

He died at age 33 of a heart attack after playing pick up basketball at the Yvonne Richardson Recreation Center with his former teammate Keith Wilson. He had chest pains while playing and passed out when Wilson was driving him home. He took him to Washington Regional Hospital where he was pronounced.

It was June 14, 2000 - a day that I will never forget. My wife Laura died of cancer two hours before he did.