Could it be QBU?

Austin Allen now, Cole Kelley and Daulton Hyatt. All three potential superstars. Ño doubt. Looking ahead at 2019 class, there could be Grant Gunnell. Now Grant is different, as in elitest of the elites. Grant has ties to the Hogs, you know. In my opinion Grant is gonna be to football as LeBron James is to that other sport. The best is yet to come would arrive in Grant.

Ask me in 4 to 5 five years. LOL.

Could? Yes.

But only one of them has ever taken a college snap - unless you throw in Ty Storey, who has taken a few.

I get accused of overhyping players when they don’t develop and work out.

In this case, I would say they have a lot of potential and I am sure the coaches hope they all develop

Quarterback is a position that is hard to evaluate. Very difficult to predict who can play in Division I at that position and who can’t. Physical talents are important. Mental talent is just as important. You do not EVER know about that position until they play. Well, sometimes you know when you put them with your defense in practice, but then there are times that they cannot do it in games after showing promise in practice.

Oh, hell yeah! As I said in my opinion. lol!

There is currently a school that has had a QB finish 2nd in back to back heismans, signed the #7 dual threat 4* QB in the country last year, has a 5* #2 Pro Style QB on 2017 committed and set to sign in a week, and has a 5* the #1 QB/Recruit in the entire nation in 2018 committed.

I think they have the inside track into QBU right now.

Yeah, sure, that’s one way to look at it…

We have been tabbed RB-U and TE-U in the past. Now tinkering with QB-U.

I’m ready to be labeled OL-U, then all of the above will fall in line.

Defense-U would be a great help to.

Now that’s. What I mean you all.