Could it be Leach still?

Still relatively low buyout after signing a year extension.

Could likely be our last shot at big name to stop all the national laughing at program.

Would sell tickets and excite more than most any of the ones who seemed rumored on list.

Ran two power 5 programs to bowls etc.

Does a lot with less.

Barry and others have endorsed.

Might. Everything is so quiet.

RD your correct this morning and most of the day it was blowing up now very caaalm

Again, if so, why the wait to announce?

If he’s the guy, we’ll probably get more info after the hire.

Leach would make a ton of sense.

Could be a way to save face for fanbase

I’d rather have Leach than Drink, and I don’t like Leach. Drink is too unproven for this situation

I think I would agree Leach over Drinkwitz, but was impressed by Drinkwitz today. He just looked like a confident coach.

Agree, since his names been brought up I wanted to see his team, was impressed. If we’re down on who’s left I’d, take a chance before going with someone with no head coaching experience

No it’s not Leach or anyone else we actually want Hunter got played and we are getting a doofus

The sooner we stop letting them get played and stop putting up with the incompetence on full display today the sooner we will get this thing fixed. Hunter “Morris’d” the coaching search and it was on display on the national stage today.

This AD should have had a list in hand before he ever fired Morris. You do not fire a coach and not know who you want to go after. All this crap about vetting everyone and then interviewing everyone is likely his way of protecting himself. There are no secrets anymore with today’s social media and hiring a research firm to google background information is simply a waste of time. Then to follow that up with airplane rides around the country when you could video conference call anyone seems unnecessary. What in the world could be found out about Lane Kiffin that was not already know by simply searching the internet?

If HY does not have a feel for coaching fits before the vetting process and the airplane rides then he is not the right person for this job. If he spent three weeks to recommend Lane Kiffin to a Board and did not know that they might balk then he does not know his Board and that is just being a bad administrator.

This should not be that complicated. Suck it up and make the decision.

No it’s not Leach

RD seems to be hinting it is