Could Gus be hired in a dual capacity?

Before Jeff Long was fired, one of the primary arguments that he would not be fired is that firing the AD would make it more difficult to hire a new coach. After all, what coach would go to work at a place where he doesn’t know who his boss would be? Too much uncertainty. Then Jeff Long gets fired and everyone is waiting for the new AD hire under the assumption that we have to hire a new AD before we can hire a new coach. But what if Gus was hired as both AD and Head Coach? There is precedent for that at Arkansas. Broyles served as both Head Coach and AD from 1974-1976. I know that times have changed and that both are full-time jobs now. But why not give Gus or whoever the new coach is the title and authority of the AD and hire someone else–perhaps a co-AD–to actually run the athletic department? The new coach is then his own boss and has autonomy with the football program. Could this work?

No… :roll:


Lord I would hope not!

Don’t think that is a good idea at all so they may do something like that.

This is not the 70s. Not possible for one man to do both. So no.

He wouldn’t be hired to do both but someone in power might suggest to him that if he comes here and has a good run of 7-10 years as coach he could then slide over into the AD chair.

Hell, let’s make him governor also.