Could Cantrell move to Defensive Line?

Cantrell played Def and Off in HS so he could be a stud DE. This offense is going to shake up some position groups like TE because the speed required will impact guys like Cantrell and Kraus. Patton, O’Grady and Gragg will thrive in this offense.

You realize Cantrell anchored his 4x100 team in HS.

I am all for putting athletes in positions where they can contribute, so I am hoping the new staff evaluates all the existing players and rethinks where they fit. With the last class and this class getting pretty heavy with 5-10 to 6-2 athletes, most slotted for receiver positions, I wonder if a few might migrate to defensive back? The Barnes kid is one that I specifically envision being a pretty salty corner. I know that unnamed basketball stud can vouch for his coverage skills, at least on the hardwood!

Yes but he is not Quick nor have good lateral moves for a TE to be split out

So, he doesn’t have the speed? But when I showed that he actually did, you said no quickness. He looks just as quick as the others you mentioned when watching the game film. Guess we will see.

I think he would be a bad-a__ linebacker

Might be, he doesn’t shy away from contact

It was pointed out in an excellent article published a few weeks ago that the H back in Chad and Gus’s offense is a major factor. And needs to be a bad-ass blocker…and a viable receiving threat. I bet they leave Cantrell where he is.

Hey I really like Cantrell but he doesn’t have the lateral “juke” speed or quickness for route running. His straight line speed is exceptional for his size.

That is a good point. I do remember that being talked about now.

I posted that article. It was actually written in 2014 while Morris was at Clemson but it did emphasize the importance of the H-back, both as a blocker in the running game and as a receiver.

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I think Coach Morris will covet Austin as an H-back, tight end. I do not think Austin would be an elite level defensive end.