Could be a big loss for Florida Gators

Keyontae a preseason SEC POY collapsed during the game today and was removed from the court unconscious.

eyes were open but he looked post ictal, not sure if there is a cardiac history. He was probably summer positive for Covid so myocarditis is being whispered about. That does not make sense for the suddeness, hopefully it could be as simple as hypoglycemia which does result in seizure. No epileptic activity described and no direct camera focus on the passing out event. No electrical shocks given on court, but who knows in transport. Game changer for sure and I am surprised Mike White elected to keep on playing, it was a Mike White decision.

Prayers for this young man and the entire Gator nation. Thanks rayzabackerii for the medical insights. So sad.

Are you saying he didn’t ask the players what they wanted to do?

Mike White did ask the players and it was their decision to play.

Praying for him!

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