Could all the transfers be a result of

Your problem. If that’s how you choose to solve it, so be it. My guess is you’re not going anywhere, you’re just venting.

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Pittman deserves a raise. But I think it was a mistake to ask for such a large increase after winning 8 games. He made the request before the bowl game. He could turn this love affair with him and the fans into a bad situation should he not continue to get better. Win a division at least then I say give it to him.

If we win the SEC West, we will probably be a play-off team for the NC.

That sounds reasonable at first blush. Unfortunately the cost of a good coach just skyrocketed. Pittman has proven to raise from the dead a program gasping for breath. He has leverage. Will he earn that long term? We all pray he will but you cant take the risk of not ponying up. It’s a new world. Everyone has their hand out.

Shoot, I’d do the same if I was him.

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Best I can tell no one really knows what the players and coaches said in their end-of-year “meeting.” Most of us have had one of those that didn’t go well - its not that we “fired” players but told them how it is, and if they don’t like it … c ya.

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