Could all the transfers be a result of

Them having coaches who coached them and chewed their butts out when they screwed up. This is how programs start and maintain a winning edge. You see how Saban and Kirby coach their players even when they are up 30 points. You hardly ever see a mass exodus of players at either of those schools. There was probably a drastic change from the Morris era to the Pittman era and some of the players cannot adapt. The great ones get it and improve. If this is all about NIL money then obviously none of this applies.

Alabama has had five people hit the portal this year. Ohio State lost Quinn Ewers, a five-star QB. In other words, blue bloods ain’t exempt.

This is the new normal and fans and coaches are going to have to deal with it.

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A guy who has helped NLR athletes in finding college spots for several years told me that the portal has been awful for high school players. Colleges aren’t signing as many high school players in hopes of finding proven players in the portal.

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I thought it was interesting to hear Deion Sanders talk about putting a roster together the other day. He said he wants a 40-40-20 model — 40% grad transfers, 40% others from transfer portal and 20% high school recruits.

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There was a good piece in the Athletic recently about HS quarterbacks having trouble getting good offers because of the portal. It’s a new world.

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They really are immune if you look at the big picture. They have 5 stars coming in to fill the holes and they are not losing many starters. That is why 2 blue bloods are playing next week and everyone else is home watching.

When you have a heisman finalist returning, losing a 5 star is not a big deal for a school like OSU. They can just go out and get another one. Blue bloods will hardly be affected by these transfers. It is schools like Arkansas that all the sudden have to reload marginally talented starters to compete against the powerhouses. Smaller schools need stability to build talent/depth and compete. While we all have to deal with this reality right now, I really hope it can be contained, because this is getting out of hand quickly.


Proven success at a high level of football having one in the pot rather one in the tree- something like that.

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No we are not going to “ have to deal with it”. I’ve been a BM donor for years, and I’m seriously considering NO donation and not my usual 5 tickets, and all these folks can stick it. This complete lack of “team” and completely “me” is nothing that I will ever support. This sucks, over 5000 players in the portal, etc. How on earth can coaches recruit every current player and hundreds of hs kids, every day of every year. Not tenable. And complete bs



I’m having the same thoughts Holden. Season ticket holder for 34 years.

Im not making any decisions without a lot of thought.

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I understand your position on this and I know others that share the same sentiments.

All I will say is that Sam Pittman, if he gets a salary boost to $7.25 million annually, will earn every single penny of it in this environment. Good night, what disarray yielded by the portal and NIL. The kind of money Sam apparently wants is actually looking more reasonable by the minute.

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Well I can assure you that if we fall behind in fundraising then our team will continue to lag behind other programs.

This has been going on for years. Don’t like playing time? Go to another school or change cities. Goes back to kids and even travel league ball, aau, etc. many kids have an entourage telling them how good they are and the coach is an idiot.

This program can weather the storm and be great. Just have to play the game now.

Agreed, we have been BM level for 30 years. I’ve got tickets to literally all sports at the UA. I’m not sure I care to follow year to year free agency.
Players have the power. Coaches have the money. Fans are screwed


Someone just posted earlier on Razorback Nation that Odom is being hired as DC for Venables at OU.

Have not seen a confirmation of this but might explain the exodus, if true. Would be curious if any of these players on defense in the portal are following Odom to OU. Odom is from Lawton, OK.

Also read that on Dec 10th Venables announced Ted Roof as his Defensive Coordinator so not sure where this stands or contradicts the Odom rumors.

I think this was on a fake Twitter account. He’s apparently not going to OU.

Hope you are correct about Odom. However, there must be some explanation for so many transfers on defense.

In visiting the OU board to see if any info about Odom, OU is apparently upset that their star QB, Caleb Williams, entering the portal - perhaps to GA or USC due to big NIL $.

Portal & NIL are apparently disrupting every program, not just Arkansas.


It was a fake Bo Mattingly Twitter account, only had to look at the profile to see that.

Odom’s brother left OU and was hired at USC a week ago, Odom ain’t going to OU.

I’m thinking you summed it up.

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You could cut the irony from some of you in this thread with a knife. “They aren’t being loyal to the U of A so I’m gonna take my ball and leave.”
Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya, if there’s continued success your spot in line will be taken.