Could $7mil+ per year cause a surprise candidate.............

…to rise up here at the last minute to take on the challenge of coaching the Hogs? It sounded like a big buyout would also not be a problem for the right guy. Wonder if David Shaw, the coach at Stanford, would like a new challenge as one example? Maybe Derrick Gragg should give him a call right after he is hired to check on that. :sunglasses:

First of all the 7 million was from the “money folks” that only wanted the Gus Bus on the hill. They will not shell out that cash for anyone else IMO. And there is not a coach out there (that I know of) that is a lock to do great things. Saban, Meyer and maybe a couple others are the only lock hires.

So we’re rolling the dice. Let’s get a young gun and hope he works without paying him the outrageous bucks.

I know this a wild idea, but if David Shaw called Derrick Gragg and told him he might like to see how his system will work in the SEC West, I think he would be nuts not to jump all over that!

Maybe Jeff Brohm would like to bring back the Petrino system without the scum?

You are correct. Arkansas is not willing to pay that much for just anyone. I suspect the next coach will be making in the $4 million to $5 million range.

I would hope that a huge buyout would not be in the contract before a few years of positive results is proven. But fighting an agent over such details can be difficult.

I do not want to pay $7M per year for a coach. We can get one who is as likely to succeed for about half that. Like someone else said, the donors who were willing to pony up for Gus probably won’t be for anyone else. Assuming they will still donate to the UA AD, we could use that money to help pay for that NEZ project and ease a lot of minds.