Cotton Bowl

I’m surprised OU is beating UF as badly as they are. Didn’t watch much of the first half so I don’t know how it happened, but right now it’s 34-13 halfway through the 3rd qtr. Just didn’t think OU would look so much better than Fla.

Florida is missing 4 top players who opted out.

Florida is also missing two cornerbacks. Florida should have opted out of game as they could not beat us tonight.

You take 5 or 6 NFL players off the field, Florida doesn’t look so good. The losing team from the SEC title game is an easy target in a bowl game.

Did not watch the entire game and I know being short the players was difficult, but the Gators did seem to play with much intensity. Was rooting for the SEC even if Mullen is a jerk.

Just glad to see Florida getting their Gator tails roasted, actually they getting burned up.

I’m no fan of the future luggage, but I put mobilehoma on the list with the tea sippers and the reb-necks.


How true in so many ways.


I see where Mack Brown wants to increase the number of playoff teams to 8 for that very reason: to incentivize players to stay and finish out the season. He figures they’ll stay and play if they have a shot at a title.

OU winning that game is not much of a surprise given Florida’s personnel losses. Mullen called it his “scout team” playing. That’s BS. It was more than that. His Heisman QB threw 2 or 3 picks and played awful. I don’t like Mullen.

Interesting that’s Riley’s first post season win. That guy has won a ton of games. He’s finally getting the kind of defense they need, too. Good win for OU, my third favorite college team. My fourth favorite team, Notre Dame, is about to run into a buzz saw, the likes of which it’s never seen.

I watched the end to see what Chandler Morris is all about. I spent the evening watching basketball: Arkansas-Auburn and then Tennessee-Missouri.

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I was not aware UF was so short-handed. I’m no Mullen fan, but dislike OU more.

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Chandler may actually play at OU one day. He’s technically #2 behind Rattler now. He can really run and has a good arm. Hard to tell, though. OU pretty consistently brings in 5 star QB recruits.

I think Chandler went there to learn under Riley as he wants to be a coach. I think he will stay three years and graduate, then go to a school where he can play. OU is the only team in the Big 12 that recruits like most of SEC teams and Ohio State.

This is probably before your time but in 1974 Notre Dame led USC 24-6 at halftime in the Coliseum. Anthony Davis of USC returned the second half kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown and the Broomheads proceeded to score 49 points in 17 minutes. THAT was a buzzsaw. (That was the same USC team that Dirt Winston & Co. smashed in WMS in September, but AD ran a kickoff back against us too. He averaged like 42 yards per KOR that year, which is just ridiculous.)

Yeah, just a bit before my football consciousness. But I do remember those great USC teams with tailbacks like Charles White. More of the John Robinson era rather than McKay. BTW, McKay always had great post game comments. The one about his team’s execution is greatness.

Just a small sample size, but he reminded me an awful lot of John Stephen Jones. Did not realize he was so short.

Nope. We’re all wrong. Transferring. Kid wants to play. Wonder if he’s going to Clemson, which would be no guarantee of PT? Dabo wanted him a couple of years ago. I’ve heard maybe another B12 school too. Lots of upheaval in the Morris family.

You know the kid never expected to play at OU because they had the number one QB recruit in the country(Rattler) who is a redshirt freshman, and they got the number one QB recruit this year from the DC area who I am sure cost them a lot of money. I bet he went there to learn under Riley as he wants to coach in the future.

I think he expects to play Power 5, D1 football. To start and excel at it. He’s better than John Stephen. Bigger, quite a bit faster. Much better arm. More accurate. I’ve heard a rumor where he’s going but won’t repeat it. It’s a well known, big program.

Cost them a lot of money re: the DC kid? Yeah, OU has had a $$ recruiting past. But how about a 5 star wanting to play for Riley because Riley has yielded 2 Heisman QBs, a runner up, and may have another one next year in Rattler? That’s silly, borne of jealousy and cynical. OU wins and has a great football program. They are committed to winning. Admirable.

Thanks for correcting me and educating me on what a clean program OU is running.

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