You better believe it. This guy Belima very well could end up being paid $35 million to $40 million for 29 wins in five seasons. Many of those wins were against cupcakes, too. That classy guy left the team with probably the worst talent in the SEC. If not the worst, certainly amongst it. No wonder he was classy at the end, but didn’t want the details made public. He was easily the most overpaid person I know of in coaching circles. Shame on who? Or whom? School? Foundation?

Shame on jeff Long and whoever signed off on that contract extension after a mediocre season.

We see where that got Jeff, because that in my mind is certainly the major reason why jeff was fired, as well as some others. He’s a good AD, one of the best, but that was just a boneheaded decision especially with how it was structured.

The Chancellor and the President on behalf of the BOT agreed/signed off on those contracts.

I read threads like this and just shake my head. You people wanted Bielema fired. News flash – firing an FBS head coach is expensive. Don’t wanna spend the money, don’t fire him.

Amen to that, expensive lesson and one the current AD won’t repeat.

it is not the fault of the fans that we owe BB a bazillion. we didn’t make or sign stupid contracts!

And to you blame anyone for wanting to fire him?!?

do you honestly wish he were still our coach?!?

0-A&M, almost 0-MSU and almost 0-Mizzou? Coastal Carolina? Va tech?

why do you have a problem with us fans wanting an unsuccessful coach fired? why do you blame us for a bad contract?

I’m really at a loss as to what your point is here, other than to disagree with ANYTHING that is posted


“You people” :lol:

Yeah we wanted to get rid of an incompetent boob - and we got er done!

Haven’t stopped smiling since Julie told him to vacate the premesis ASAP!

Well, the boob was overpaid even before the buy-out stuff.

I think Swine’s thought was that it costs to fire a coach. We should not be surprised by that. Did he need to go? The record says so. I don’t think he was incompetent nor do I call him names. He’s not the fit for the UA despite success elsewhere, and the situation was rectified. But don’t whine when it costs. It wasn’t the fans’ fault that it cost as much as it did, but we also knew that it would likely be that costly. Hopefully, the university has learned a lesson and hopefully athletic directors across the nation will find a way to get coaches’ salaries under control though I won’t hold my breath.

His coaching and failure to adapt and adjust in games while at Arkansas certainly points to some level of incompetence to me atleast.

He milked out as much as he could and ran for the hills, but will have many here still talk about how great of a guy he is, and I’m sure he is. If I had utterly embarrassed myself like he did with his time here I’d have a hard time taking the full amount. Yes it’s a lot of money, but it’s also just money. I believe in earning money, he certainly, certainly did not earn a fraction of what he was paid. I’ve made a lot at times and none at times, some of my happiest were when I had nothing.

Really liked the move by the coach in Oregon who turned down his buy out. Classy

I understand this point. It was a very rare move by him, but I don’t think we can point to that and say, “This is the norm and all coaches who post losing records ought to react this way.” I wish more coaches would act that way, but I think it’s incumbent on the athletic directors to do as our new AD has said and make win-loss record a for cause issue. When that happens, I think it may change the landscape of coaching salaries/buyouts.

I think you’re right, maybe things will change, maybe not. It is out of hand though.

I get the sentiment we got a whole lot less than what we bargained for, but it’s the way of big business. It’s a really bad taste when seeing a heightened sense of incompetence being managed by even higher incompetence.