Cost of 4 to go to a major league baseball game

Amazing how different the prices are.

That’s pretty accurate, based on my experience. You can get in the door for a fairly decent price most games, but it doesn’t take much to spend the cost of tickets in parking and concessions.

And that’s not just exclusive to MLB or pro sports. I’m amazed sometimes when I see how much college tickets are selling for, even Razorback baseball.


It’s very very rare for me to spend any kind of money on concessions because the last time I went to the Braves game and got a Burger, Fries and a Drink it was almost 20 bucks :slightly_smiling_face:. I said for now on if I get something I’ll stick with the Cracker Jack’s or the Peanuts!!

The burger will cost you almost $20 now.

I’ll take your word for it because it’s been several years since I did buy that…

When I covered the games at the Rangers’ stadium a couple of months ago, I decided to walk the concourse before one of the games. At one of the concessions, I think burgers were $18 and BBQ sandwiches were $22. It’s similar pricing as the Cowboys’ stadium across the street.

There is a burger truck at Baum (very good) and I think those are $12 before fries or drink.

My 5-year-old son and I have gotten into going to high school games a little bit during basketball season. We can typically get in and out for about $20, which covers tickets, a couple of bottled drinks and food. He just wants to be at a game and doesn’t care about the level of play, so it’s a good deal for us.


Ever since the Braves have moved into the new stadium they have a thing called
the Battery outside the stadium that is absolutely loaded with pretty much anything you could ever want to eat/shop.

Dale Murphy has a place they’re called Murphs and they have great burgers .I don’t think they were totally out of sight in prices,(Burger was $12 I think which is still too high but it is what it is) I just know they were very good …We ate there before we went into the ballpark.

Planet Fitness……still $10.

In 93 I took my family went to a St. Louis and watched a 3 game series when the Braves came to town! I think the cost per night for 7 people was under 150. Oh course they did give us a military discount!
I was my wife told me she thought it was a little bit more than that for the 3 games. But one thing is for certain with the players both teams put on the field it was a great series to watch.

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When I was married my wife’s(she was a teacher too) School gave $10 vouchers to where you could pick as many games as you wanted to go to and sit in the $40 seats.(upper lower level, not too far behind field level) You just couldn’t go on holidays… we always went to about seven or eight Braves games very cheaply that way…
We found a lot that we only had to pay $10 to park in so we literally went to the games for $20 LOL
The great thing about that is they gave you about 10 buy one get one free coupons in your mail out to you… I just passed those on to all my friends and they took their families plenty of times that way. We did that about the last 4 or 5 years that I taught.

A root beer float (with a 15% tip) cost me $12.03 at Baum Stadium.

The last few times we have gone to a St. Louis game, we have purchased all inclusive tickets. Not cheap, but each ticket includes all you can eat and drink, mixed drinks, soft drinks. Seating indoors and an outdoor seat as well. It’s been about 100 degrees every time we have been it seems, so nice to have the option of going inside in the AC. I am not much of a beer drinker, but my (adult) sons are and my wife will drink a few.

It doesn’t take very many soft drinks, much less beer or mixed drinks to make a big dent in the ticket price. Add in food? I like it.

Now we only do it once every 2 years or so. No way would do multiple games a year!!

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