Corruption wins again

But we had to many chance to count to win.

Once again, clean up just dumb mistakes, make key FTs and hit open looks. They hit big shots and big FTs both at key times. We didn’t.

And again they play soooo hard. Nolan teams hard. Great to see.

Refs leave a bad look on SEC play.

Turns my stomach.

Can’t have your 2nd best player put up a goose egg and win very often

And I’m not sold on this last 5-6 minute stand around offense. I think it was responsible tonight in this particular game for giving up the lead to some degree. We still had a great open look to win but it really killed momentum. I get why, but didn’t think it worked as well.

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It works if you make free throws and can get one or two rebounds. We could do neither so we gave up the lead.

The shots we took late game were pretty bad! There’s no other way to describe it. You have to attempt an offensive rebound to get them! You sure can’t play defense on someone taking free throws. We fouled 3 times on a player taking a 3. We fouled 90 Stinking feet from the basket. We did just enough to take and build a lead and then just took the crowd out of the game. This loss is on CEM! I like him but this late game junk did not work!
It should have been a “W”.
This is another game we got beat because we can’t make a darn free throw!

So did we lose because CEM or because we can’t make a free throw? CEM gave us a chance to win, right?

Both! Coach should have keep the offense running. Drive the ball to the hole! With an 11 point lead run your stinking offense with more than 2 minutes left in a game!

Armyhog, I think you are wrong with what you just wrote. There’s no other way to describe it. Bull crap!! The guys are wore out, and there,s no other way to describe it…I read and enjoy every thing that you put out .

This team could have won a couple of more games, but won a couple they probably shouldn’t have.

I think most people would have taken 16-6 at the start of the season and run with it.

This team does not have enough talent or depth to be 16-6, but somehow are at this point.

I had 13-9 at this point.

I agree that this team has exceeded expectations and with more depth next season, we could be a legit SEC threat, but I still question why Musselman slowed his offense down the last 7-8 minutes of the game.

I think he slowed it down because he was trying to conserve energy. This team only really played 6. I think the reason of all the missed FTs since conference play began is that these kids are tired. They are playing teams with more talent, depth, and height and are playing with such intensity and fight and that wears you down.

I understand the lack of depth, but BWA was rocking and the players were firing on all cylinders, slowing them down ended up doing more harm than good.

Agreed General. But this team has played hard all year. CEM has pushed the right buttons most of the time. Still have a great chance to make the Tournament. I must say I have been very pleased and surprised by CEM and his staff. And the future looks bright with our additions coming next season. I think at this point in the season, CEM should get Coach of the Year and Jones should be the SEC’s Player of the Year.

No Joe, no Whitt and we take the best team in the conference to OT… this team and coach is the turning point for a fabulous Hog future. Do we want to beat the sweating, cheating jackass… sure, but the SEC better get their licks in now because this coaching staff hates to lose and has the ability to recruit, get their team to play hard, and win.

I expected us to slow the pace in the last 7 minutes with the lead and we did; Auburn has more athletes than we do. If we make foul shots we win comfortably. That’s what beat us, not slowing the pace. That and three guys in stripes who weren’t watching the same game as the rest of us.

If you pushed it at the 7 minute mark, then take out Jones, Whitt, Sills and Harris, Chaney. They were exhausted. Defensive intensity was maxed out. Two transition trips. They had to slow it down. Every player - especially Jones - was gassed. Who you going to play?

Pearl did the same thing in OT when he got the lead. His guys were gassed at that point, too.

I’ve been very pleased with our season so far. Not buckled in to the Muss bus quite yet. But after last night I’m all in. He took the number 1 team in the SEC into overtime through great coaching which showed in the tremendous effort our team puts out. We could have won but missed our opportunities. If Harris hits the 3 at the end of regulation every one of us would talk about the great coaching job Muss did.

He coaches these kids to take advantage of their strengths. And they respond.

I like the feel of this nice cushy seat on the bus. I plan on sitting here a long, long time.

Playing what if is fun, but what if Auburn had made their free throws?

You could rotate guys in and out for 1-2 minutes to catch their breath and put them back in.