CORRECTION: Vitello family (Reaction from Van Horn)

Tony Vitello’s father and sister were involved in a bad car accident on their way to the Razorbacks’ game against Missouri on Saturday. Both are expected to be OK, but the dad was hospitalized.

The accident happened on I-70 in Columbia. According to a report, both were trapped under a semi for around an hour before they were pulled out of their vehicle. Here is more on the accident, which doesn’t list the Vitellos by name: … e1470.html

Tony’s father, Greg, is a hall of fame coach in Missouri. He was a longtime soccer coach at DeSmet in St. Louis.

Goodness. Just another example of how we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Prayers for a speedy & full recovery.

Oh dear, my thoughts are with the entire Vitello family.

Tony Vitello is back with the Arkansas team. He was at practice Tuesday afternoon. Head coach Dave Van Horn said he returned late Monday night. The injuries to his dad are concerning because his health has been less than ideal. He has an injury to his leg and to his arm. His sister has a lot of cuts and scratches.

Several players mentioned their concern for Tony’s family before practice Tuesday. Jax Biggers said the team dedicated the Sunday victory to Tony Vitello and his family, his dad Greg in particular.

Van Horn said the wreck happened before the Saturday game, but that Tony Vitello didn’t know about it until about the third inning.

“Tony knew something was wrong because he expected to see his dad and sister at the game,” Van Horn said. "He came into the dugout in about the third inning and grabbed his phone. I knew something was happening. He came to me and he said something had happened. He said he had to go. I think there wer some texts and phone calls. He didn’t know a lot at that point.

“So after the game, we got back to the hotel and I was going to flip around and find a game or two to watch. And, there it was on the local channel, reports about the wreck. They showed footage of what was going on. We didn’t know a lot at that point. But it was pretty scary to see. They had used the jaws of life to get them out of the car and traffic was backed up on the Interstate to about Kansas City.”