Correction from down below

I was reading some of the threads after midnight and there was a discussion about who picked whom before the game in our magazine. The poster said all of the Hawgs Illustrated posters picked Auburn. That’s incorrect. Both myself and Matt Jones picked Arkansas. The others picked Auburn. I feel like Matt and I were correct. Just doesn’t seem right to not get that victory. I think everyone feels the same way.

It’s going to make for a tough week to get over that bad decision by the SEC office to not give Arkansas the fumble it recovered on what they admit was a fumble. Sad.

But just for the record, I picked Arkansas this week to beat Ole Miss. I have confidence in Sam Pittman after what I’ve seen through three games.


Last week, I picked Arkansas to beat Auburn by one point, Clay, and I still believe I was right. I’m picking Arkansas to beat Ole Miss this week, too…what I have seen on the field with my own two eyes the last three weeks makes me believe we are for real. Go Hogs!

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