Corrected- Something to think about!

Remaining schedule
Ark Razorbacks----12-5 –Conf 2-3—4 players AV double figures. Jaylen Barford leads the team 18.4
1)At Florida 12-5—Conf 4-1—4 players in double figures-----Loss, Hawgs 12-6 Conf 2-4=[color=#FF0000]HUGE GAME, game of the year to this point. Change to a WIN[/color]
2)Ole Miss 10-8—Conf 3-3 —2 Players double figure—WIN, HAWGS–13-6 Conf 3-4
3)At Georgia 12-5-- Conf 3-3 –Leading scorer—Yante Maten 19.3—LOSS, Hawgs 13-7 Conf 3-5==[color=#FF0000]HUGE GAME Change to a WIN[/color]
4)Okie lite—HOME WIN Hawgs 14-7 Conf 3-5
5)At TA&M 12-6 Conf 1-5 Loss Hawgs 14-8 Conf 3-6==[color=#FF0000]ONE TO STEAL ON THE ROAD[/color]
6) At LSU—11-6 Conf 2-3 Loss Hawgs 14-9 Conf 3-7==[color=#FF0000]COME OUT Mad and embarssed!!![/color]
7) USC—12-6 Conf 3-3 WIN Hawgs 15-9 Conf 4-7
8)Vanderbilt—6-12 Conf 1-5 Win Hawgs 16-9 Conf 5-7
9) At Ole Miss—10-8 Conf 3-3 Win Hawgs 17-7 Conf 6-7
10) Texas A&M—12-6—Conf 1-5 Win Hawgs 18-7 Conf. 7-7
11) Kentucky 14-4—Conf –4-2 Loss Hawgs 18-8 Conf 7-8
12) At Alabama 11-6 Conf 3-2 —Loss Hawgs 18-9 Conf 7-9
13) Auburn 16-1 Conf 4-0 Loss Hawgs 18-10 Conf 7-10
14 At Missouri 12-5 Conf 2-2 Loss Hawgs 18-11 Conf 7-11 ==[color=#FF0000]ONE to steal on the road.
ONE and One at SEC Tour
19-12 Final Record
[color=#FF0000]OR DO NOT LET anybody take one from OUR home court.
Make those changes and 22-9–2 and 1 at Tour=23 & 10 on a hope and a prayer!! [/color]

Keys to the season. Man up and stop playing 1 on 1 BB. Get the ball inside.
IN & back OUT with the ball.
Jaylen and Daryl have got to take over the team. Even if that means Mr Macon NEEDS to get 8 Passing the ball. Daryal needs to figure IF it’s his night. He’s on and drive and score. OR hit the 3’s. GET Gafford the ball. Team play can turn this thing around. A big W at the Gators place would be a GREAT place to start.
Jaylen Barford
Daryl Macon
Daniel Gafford
Anton Beard

Pick your final team record

BTW a grandson got on the computer and hit several buttons the other night. LOL

I was wondering why your post was so insightful! :stuck_out_tongue:

A few weeks ago - right before we played Houston - I posted my annual prediction using the tried and true method of assigning realistic percentages (of winning) each game and summing up those percentages (known in probability as “expected value”). The result was 19.35 wins, which I optimistically rounded up slightly to 20 regular season wins.

At this point, the Hogs are right on track (with my prediction). I just took a look at the probabilities I had assigned to the games we have played since I made that post, and they would have predicted that our current record would be 12.25 - 4.75, which rounds to 12-5.

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If the hogs play hungry they can get it rolling! If they just show up like they did against LSU in may be a trip to the NIT! It’s up to the players.