CornHusker Transplant

A family from NE moved in next door (understand that “next door” here probably means something a little different than normal). Really great folks that we really enjoy having near. Of course, we had fun with the baseball series. Now we talk of each favorite football team. I have had the most enjoyment so far.

Yesterday I went with them to watch their daughter play volleyball. During a break in the game, he said he wanted to show me a picture. I looked at it and there was a couple with two kids dressed in Razorback gear at Razorback stadium last Sat. Seems his brother has moved to Rogers for work (not Walmart). He said they love, love, love it there and are starting to adopt the Razorbacks. I told him that certainly one of the biggest wins in Razorback history came over NE. He did not know (0f course, far too young).

I say all of this because we often talk about the transplants to NW AR. This is just one family, but I found it interesting how they have adopted The Hogs (all sports). He says that the kids are hoping to go to school there. When they come out, I will have to give them a more in-depth history lesson.


I have similar stories of friends here in St. Louis having kids or relatives move to NE Ark. and becoming fans of the sports program and other activities in the area. They are not related to the companies there but kids liked going to school and families decided to relocate as well. I get lot’s comments on people who return from visiting and saying I had no idea. I even get etches or photos from time to time of my name on Senior walk from them which they find unique to say the least.

Jim, I have a friend (with German Shorthaired Pointers) who lives just North of Omaha. I’ve known her for years. (I remember her doing the Macarena at the San Diego National in 1997). She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

She is a huge Nebraska fan, but always wishes the Hogs well except when the teams are playing. I’m sure that she has pulled for the Hogs in the CWS.

Just get em to visit… that’s the recruiting phrase.

My daughter in law is steadily becoming a true Razorback fan. After the Texas game, she told me she’d be totally down with moving to NW Arkansas once my son finishes dental school. I was floored bc she’s a mommas girl and figured she was coming back to north Louisiana

Next door for Jim still means folks care and look out for you. No one walks over to visit. They ride by on a horse or in a truck and feed “your animals.”

Clay nailed them. They feed our horses when we are gone and the 12 yr old daughter (volleyball player) comes over to muck the stalls.

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A 12 year old girl mucking stalls says a lot about her raising. Obviously a good family.

No namby-pamby there.

That is for sure. Girl is a competitive barrel racer also. Sweetheart as well

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