Cornerstone Christian School

Lot to read about it on their pages. Huge, I mean really gigantic, connection to Shreveport’s Evangel Christian Academy. Same type deal, just wider in scope. Wow, wow and more wows, as our Clay would say.

Now somebody 'splain to me what prompted this.

Seriously, no snark. I have no idea. I don’t memorize our recruiting lists, or the schools they come from. I assume since it’s on the recruiting board that it’s somehow connected to our recruiting, but…

I know Beejay is around 80 years young. Perhaps he thought he was on the Insiders board.

Maybe this will help.

Thanks, heknows. If you have the time take a look at their sports pages. There’s their ties to Evangel. And, yes there will be recruiting. The QB, General Booty, would be a wonderful start, don’t you think? Reckon this place will outdo IMG?