Cornerback coverage by Chevin Calloway and Britto Tutt

Why didn’t any of the sportswriters ask about Calloway getting burned twice for passes over the top and Britto Tutt once?

I realize that Calloway did a good job against the run, but if we give up three TD’s over the top to an SEC team it will hurt alot. Overall I think as a first game we did some good things! Also, in the second half (other than the last drive) the players were waiting on the Off. Coordinator to get them the plays and it slowed down our offense too much. In addition, we tried to go back and run the ball too much in the second half and they hadn’t changed their scheme much as they continued to load the box against the run. Why get conservative when we have a team totally confused. This also affects the QB play and it was like we took the offense right out of the QB’s hand. You don’t see Ohio St. or Oklahoma back off just because they use backup QB’s or other substitutes.

I like this team alot and they are making great progress under the new coaching staff, but the sportswriters seem to be enamored by the final score. I know that the coaching staff will address these problems much more efficiently than I have mentioned. Go Hogs!

I do believe that when we hire ANYONE to coach our DB’s, it is required that they read a manual that says their charges are NOT allowed to look back for the ball in deep coverage.

Of course, that’s a poor attempt at sarcasm. But I don’t know how many years and coaching staffs we have been through for which our cornerbacks have the best seat in the house to appreciate long passes completed against us, because they are looking right into the eyes of the player they are supposed to be “covering” as the ball nestles into said receiver’s hands right over the shoulder of the DB. Happens time after time after time . . . and even when the other team DOESN’T catch it. we don’t look back and are fortunate that the ball is dropped or overthrown.

Alabama is the gold standard for secondary play. The way they play allows the DL and LB’s almost complete freedom. Of course the refs are also afraid to call them for interference. But I believe that is earned through the Saban years.

It looked like our defensive backs gave up too much cushion to the other team’s receivers on too many plays. I thought this was the year that we pressed teams more and shut them down. Instead we found ways to let the other team’s receivers catch long balls which is a direct repeat of previous ills… If we do not correct that then we will continue to be scored on by almost anyone that wants to suit up against us.

I appreciate what our defense accomplished today, but even with all the stops they made due to turnovers, we still gave up way too much offense to the other team. We are fortunate in that we did not get scored upon more often.

I hope we correct things by the time we start SEC play. We may not win them all, but we need to carve out at least three or four SEC wins as a minimum.

I think Chevin tackled well today.

But getting beat twice by a FCS receiver is troubling. Because yes the WR was good, but he would be an average SEC WR at the very best. It makes me worried for Ole miss. He’s going to have to tighten up. I think he’s really good, but he’s still young at the same time.

Eastern Illinois was avoiding Pulley’s side of the field. Since they were then targeting Calloway one would think that the prudent thing to do would be to back up that side with a safety playing more to the outside of the hash. It was one-on-one most of the times that the big passes were completed against them.

Im not worried about Chevin. He’ll be fine.

I’m afraid that SEC teams will watch that tape.

We have to improve DB long ball coverage immediately

My thoughts exactly. Pulley had a quiet night as expected. Chevin had tons of targets on him so your going to have some failures and successes. Tutt has not played much in 2 years with injuries. Both Chevin and Tutt are going to be good after CSU and UNT. I would not be surprised that Chief purposely left Chevin on an island to see if he could handle it instead of providing tons of safety support. I also think Chief may not have played much Press Cover to keep it Vanilla for CSU scouts.

There were times the corners had help over the top and times they did not. I saw some two deep coverage and I also saw single deep. That was a typical first game for a player like Chevin. He’s had good days in camp and been mentioned as improved. I think that’s true. But one thing is clear, the ball will be going his way on deep passes and not because people will watch tape of that game. They know the best player is on the other side in Ryan Pulley. Pulley and others have maintained Calloway has had a good camp. But he’ll have to do better than what he did in his first start.