Cornelius will miss some practice time … ed-injury/

Hey, Matt. What causes a player’s back to “tighten up.” Is this some kind of spasm?

Coming from someone that has experienced “Back Tightness” for decades… could be any number of things; compression in the spine somewhere, bone spurs , over worked abdominal muscles that create an imbalance between them and the back muscles, a bad bed…etc

Sounds like he’s going to have problems all year. Probably will get some playing time, but only an off & on situation. Hope other receivers will step up. If this team is going to have a chance at a good season, it can’t afford many injuries.

Thank you hogfan fish. Sounds like one of those recurring problems that can really mess up your season. .

Jared Cornelius missed a game because of his back last year. As mentioned above, those can be recurring.

My wife has some back problems. She’s in good shape, but simple things can cause her terrible pain for hours - even days - at a time. She can take pain medicine, see doctors, etc., but the thing that always helps is to stay off her feet and rest.

He is a proven player and leader. We may have a blessing in disguise that he gives up snaps to the younger players while he can help coach them. This may accelerate the development of other players/develop a rotation to support Jared and keep him from overdoing it this season. Conversely, Dre Greenlaw is NOT proven in the 3-4 so his missed practice is not a positive.

The back is a fickle structure. I no longer run. I only ride a bike or stationary bike for cardio and swim. My back got better instantly when I did two things this past year. I play disc golf and once I got a cart and stopped carrying my bag I got immediate relief. The other thing that helped a lot was decreasing my core workout of sit ups and began doing lower back stretches and strength training. My lower back issues came about from working on neck and shoulder pain and improving my posture. Neck and shoulder pain went away but the new an improved posture put pressure on me lower back because I had spent a lifetime using it one way and now I way using it differently. Now I am working on strengthening that section of my back to work correctly with my upper back. As Matt says you never know what is going to cause the flare up. I mow my lawn but I will not rake leaves, washing dishes can make my back get tight…or at least that is what I tell my wife :slight_smile: