Cornelius needs to move on...

I will be glad when some of these seniors like him are gone. Loser football. Bad penalty and not fighting for the football and allowing a pick. Terrible.

Agreed. Penalty and interception were his fault. Get him off the field.

Conner needs to remember these receivers are slower than what he had in high school.

That was a bad penalty, but Cornelius has been a very good receiver for us the past few years. He may not be at his best this year, but he made a lot of plays for the hogs during his career. JMHO
Go Hogs:bangbang:

Oh, how quickly they turn on you.

JC has been a great ambassador for Arkansas over his years. Has not been the same since his injuries.

Recruits are reading/watching how you treat the current players.

Whatever Dudley. Two bad plays not helpful to a freshman QB at all. And he dang near got Ty killed last week.

And if I’m the problem then we’ve got a helluva lot of other things to worry about.

I’m appreciative of all our seniors. They have had to deal with a lot of adversity.

And I (and all of Hog Nation) are more than excited about the young men committed to Arkansas. You will make a difference and be appreciated.

One person, no. But when this happens over and over from lots of people, a recruit could logically assume that our “fans” will turn on them at the drop of a hat.

I understand. This is a has been a very frustrating several years. Bad, bad football.

Whatever back.

I know you get frustrated, but there is - in my opinion - a better way to handle it such as…“Cornelius has not played well this year. I’m ready to get the new guys in.”

Instead of can’t wait until he is gone and loser football.

Even though I am an admin on the board, I get to have an opinion as well.

Take back the shot at him personally. Uncalled for. But it was bad football. Again too much bad football on the Hill in recent years and I’m about at my wit’s end. I really hope we’re going to get better.

I totally agree it was bad football. Just as was Nate Dalton just getting an unsportsmanlike penalty after Reid Bauer had punted to the 10.

But it was good coaching to send Dalton to the locker room.

Love to see CCM send him packing to the locker room

It is good coaching. Dalton deserves it. Very bad football too.

Wonder if it will go farther than that?

Conner needs to make better decisions. Receiver just saved him from another pic.

I can handle most penalties but just a stupid thing to do like that sure deserves the discipline CCM dished out.

Agree but all this goes into getting a True Frosh ready, got to let em grow up and learn

And you’re right. It’s a garbage way to talk about a guy who has been here for a long time, made some huge plays in big wins and worked really hard to come back from a devastating injury.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid but I’m not surprised coming from this poster. It’s typical for him. Trash.