Cornelius, Hammonds game-time decisions, WR rotation

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They’ll both work out before the game Thursday to see if they can go. The top 5, minus them, are Deon, La’Michael, Jordan, Jonathan … and Brandon Martin. He’s had a good last 3 days of practice and is moving better.

I’d just as soon they hold them out until the TCU game. Dont need to risk these guys

Please hold them out. They are surely not needed Thursday night.

Cornelius is a known quantity and I see no reason to play him Thursday. TJ on the other hand, if he is ready, would probably benefit from additional reps at his new position at game speed in preparation for TCU.

I think there’s probably a better chance T.J. plays Thursday than Jared. Obviously Jared is the much more proven guy and T.J.'s also been practicing for longer and apparently hasn’t had any setbacks since getting back last week.

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