Corndogs and NSU tied at 2

Demons just got a two-run bomb in the fourth inning in the Corvallis regional elimination game. It would be amusing if NSU is the last Loozana team standing :lol:

Solo shot in the 6th. Corndogs go to the bullpen after the homer.

LSU tied it 4-4, then NSU got a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th. Corndogs now three outs from the grill.

LSU ties it in the ninth with runners at 2nd and 3rd. We’ve seen this movie before.

By the way, far too much purple at this game. I’m getting nauseated.

Now 9-5. NSU falling apart in the ninth, beginning with the leadoff walk.

with that damn 5 spot they put up in the 9th to grab that game, it looks
as if TAM will hold that spot unless something similar happens in their
game vs Indiana. Indiana 9, TAM 6 Bot 8th.

LSU found their rally possum in the 9th!