Corliss’s son commits to UALR


Congrats to Creed. That is a good starting point for a great kid.


Sounds like a great fit! I would love to see Little Rock become a landing place for the state’s many tallented players, who don’t get a seat on the Muss Bus. Very nice pick up for CDW.


In two years he might be in the Portal and become a Hog!

Darrell will do a good job of developing Creed. Hogs will get a player ready to place high-major ball.

In a way, feel sorry for mid-major coaches. They do all the hard work and a major college coach reaps benefits off that. Facts of Transfer Portalemphasized text.

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I would love it if someday Darrell is on Muss’ staff.

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He will get a lot of playing time there. In the portal era, a mid-major is a great place to start.

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If he puts it all together, he can do some serious damage on the college level.


Darrell is a terrific guy!

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If the past is prologue PJ, UALR might be seen as the new LRJC.A two year stopover on the road to P-5 ville. Fortunately, FIU just showed us that mid-majors can still be relevant. Hoping Darrell is able to find enough diamonds in the rough to have some level of success there.

To amplify your point…it seems to me to be norm for a mid-major to make some waves (just a quick list):

FAU (2023)
San Diego State (2023 & 2011)
Loyola-Chicago (2018 & 2021)
Oral Roberts (2021)
Florida Gulf Coast (2013)
VCU (2011)
Butler (2010 & 2011 Final 4’s and 2013, 15, 16, 17 & 18 with at least 1 win)
George Mason (2006)
& of course Gonzaga is now a perennial mid-major POWER as was UNLV back in the 90’s

It has been my opinion for a long time that ALL of the play-in games should be major conference bubble teams. I hate that 4 automatic qualifiers have to play an extra game.

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