Corey Williams- Former Stetson coach

Seems to be picking up steam that he may be on the staff. After doing some searching this would seem like a pretty “meh” hire.

How much have you read up on him? I’ve read up some tonight. Lot of recruiting success as an assistant. Like that he’s from Georgia, player and coached in our region and was a top assistant for an ACC program.

Didn’t see alot to get excited about.

Obviously dreadful at Stetson. Saw a quote that he just couldn’t get the talent there.

Florida St. run was solid but nothing spectacular. Recruiting wise finished 42, 40, 47, 25, 9, 27, 29. Could actually make a really solid case they have been better the last few years than when he was there.

I guess not bad if he is your 2nd or 3rd guy on the bench. If he is your first guy though…ehhhhhh…not a great sign.

I can make an extremely strong argument that there is no correlation between head coaching success and assistant coaching success.

Up until the last two years, he was at Florida State for the best five year run in program history.

Recruiting rankings aren’t indicative of one assistant coach recruiting.

If you google “Corey Hamilton Florida State recruiter”, there’s some good stuff out there. Several esteemed coaches describe him as an outstanding recruiter.

I’ll check into it more. Kinda like I said seems solid as a 2nd guy, but I’d like to have a more established guy as the top assistant and that may still be the case. I guess some noise Steve Shields may be on the staff too?

I guess some noise Steve Shields may be on the staff too?


Shields is a solid coach but I have never heard him described as a great recruiter.

I guess some noise Steve Shields may be on the staff too?


Shields is a solid coach but I have never heard him described as a great recruiter.


True that. He sure is following and liking alot of Hog stuff on twitter the last day.

Steve Shields has a daughter in college up here.

Seen him a few times the past year.

Can you provide a few established assistants you’d like to see us get?

I have never figured out how to evaluate an assistant from my vantage point. I think you have to know a lot of behind the scene details to make that judgement about an assistant.

It is hard to judge from a distance whether a recruit was won because of how successful he head coach is or because the assistant has better recruiting skills. Same thing about how good an assistant coach is in on-court coaching.

I have seen it argued both ways. Take Mike Anderson for example. Those who like Anderson as a head coach would say a lot of Nolan’s success in coaching and recruiting was because of Anderson since he was his #1 assistant longer than anyone else. Those who don’t like Anderson as a head coach would say it was all because of Nolan and being an assistant to Nolan does not enhance his resume.

But I trust your opinion because you know these guys a lot more than most of us.

Corey Williams’ full bio is on Arkansas’ official website. He’s listed as an assistant coach, and today is his 49th birthday.

Should be official around 3 p.m.: … ans-staff/

Johnny Jones, Dave Rice, Noodles Craig Neal to name a few. Even an AAU dude like David Grace. I’ll have to be sold on this guy though because this isn’t a very exciting hire.

Does anyone know if Williams has any connections to any top recruits that he can help bring to Arkansas?

He’s bound to have great connections to Florida High School coaches since he’s spent the last 13 seasons as an assistant and a head coach in the state. Florida State had some great basketball success during his 7 seasons as an assistant.

Elite recruiters are what we need!

Shields in and Scotty out?

The bottom line with the new coach making his own decision to pick and assemble his staff is fine! It’s his rear end on the line at the end of the day!

I don’t know, time will tell. He has a NBA Championship ring to flaunt around in living rooms, and can name drop Jordan. If that stuff really mattered then he’s probably a okay hire. But, in reality it’s on Muss, and at this point I think what matters is, uh’m, will this staff when hired and complete, have a higher … ceiling, in recruiting than the previous staff.