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When I was on Conway Corp I could get ESPN on my computer, I could get the “watch ESPN” stuff (is that the same as ESPN+, I never have understood that). Now that I have cut the cord (using YouTubeTV) can I still do that? I didn’t have to “sign in” every time, so I don’t even remember how I did it exactly, but I know at one point I had to tell ESPN who my TV package was through, and I selected Conway Corp). I tried recently to watch something on ESPN (I think it was the Lady’s game) and it wouldn’t let me. I ASSUMED that was because I am no long “signed up” through Conway Corp TV package (I still get my internet through Conway Corp).

You’ll need to login to your ESPN app using your YouTubeTV credentials. That should get you most, if not all, of the same programming through the app that you were allowed to watch through your Conway Corp subscription.

ESPN+ is essentially a $5/month add on that allows you to watch additional programming inside the ESPN app. The ESPN+ live programming mostly involves smaller schools, but it has other benefits like access to documentaries.

It’s kind of confusing, but I’m logged into my ESPN app twice - with my Hulu account and my ESPN+ account.

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Matt did a good job of explaining the situation.

I am also using YouTubeTV. I access it using either ROKU or the FireTV stick. Both of those offer the ESPN app (as well as any of your mobile devices). Just open the app and find the account information (on the top line, click on the gear icon). When prompted for your provider, use YouTubeTV. You will be guided through the sign in process.

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I recently dropped Direct TV because I basically wasn’t watching TV for months. My sister gifted me a Fire Stick. I am wanting some good info on what would be a good program to use in order to watch Razorbacks etc. I am not clued in on what it takes. I do have Amazon Prime but see people using programs that work for their needs. NCIS is the only show I’ve watched the last three years, hence dropping Direct TV. I am losing out on Razorbacks sports though. Any info would be appreciated.

You’ll need to subscribe to a streaming service like YouTubeTV, Hulu, Sling, etc., and stream it on your FireTV through the app of whatever service you choose. There are four or five different services that all should have what you want. They are basically stripped-down versions of what you were paying for with DirecTV, smaller bundles that do not cost as much.

All are going to have packages that include ESPN and its affiliates, and most are going to include other sports networks like FS1, CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, etc. You’ll probably pay around $50/month for it.

By having a subscription to Hulu, YouTubeTV, Sling, etc., you will also be able to access most of the content on the ESPN app - games that aren’t televised the traditional way. A lot of Arkansas’ baseball games, for instance, are only available on the ESPN app.

Thanks. That is very helpful.

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I tried both YouTube TV and Hulu. After a few months of Hulu, my $50+ subscription was bumped to $66.38. I went back to YouTube TV ($53.86). I also went back to YouTube TV because they carry PBS (they are the only streaming service to do so.)

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