Cord Cutting Comments & Questions. Definitely OT..........................

…I am getting ready to cut my cable cord and wanted to run some stuff by the more knowledgeable folks out there.

  1. After getting a good recommendation from this board to look into YoutubeTV, it looks like the best combination of local shows (Little Rock), SEC Network, and MOST shows we regularly watch @ $40 per month. This comes with an unlimited storage (deleted after 9 months) in the cloud DVR included in the price.
  2. The programs that YoutubeTV does not have are a big issue for us. I am addicted to Forged in Fire and Vikings on The History Channel. My wife has to have the Food Network and HGTV. But, it looks like Philo has all of those AND the DIY Network too so adding Philo for $16 per month pretty much takes care of all channels we like to watch. Philo is the anti-Sling option. They are cheap like Sling but go heavy for “lifestyle” channels and have no sports.
  3. Now the problems: Philo only works with Roku devices. I need, I think, something like Roku so I can send a signal through wifi to my other 2 sets which can have Roku sticks with their own remotes. Roku devices are fine EXCEPT they have these four “pre-programmed” buttons on the remote and most will go to streaming options (Hulu, Amazon, Sling, etc.) that I don’t plan to have. So, if you or your grandchild or your dog hits one of these buttons by accident, you are sent to a site you don’t have and it is a pain to get back to what you were watching and are now missing.
  4. So, I am asking if there is a better system out there? I could go with DirectTvNow to replace YouTubeTV but they don’t have local channels. I don’t mind buying an antenna for local stations but that, I think, triggers a Tivo or Tablo DVR purchase (to include local channels in the DVR & broadcast to the other two TVs) which is very pricy but I like their remote better than Roku.
  5. We can add, if we want, Netflix or Amazon or Apple to any of these options, again I think, so that part is the same.
  6. One other issue I need help on is we have a bunch of stuff recorded and saved on our DirectTV satellite DVR. Is there any way to copy those somewhere so they can be accessed after we cut the cord with DirectTV?

So, I am looking for suggestions before I leap off into the deep end of the cable cord cutting world. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

Just got an email from Roku saying they now will ask you before switching to the other streaming site if you accidentally hit the wrong button. That might work, maybe.

Modo - Sorry I can’t help with your questions! I do have a question though. Do you know of a site I can go to to educate myself about all of this cord-cutting?

If you haven’t already, you might check out Hulu’s live TV service. It is the only one that is comparable with YouTube TV, in my opinion, in terms of selection in channels and DVR. It is priced the same as YouTube TV.

In Northwest Arkansas, YouTube TV gives you access to all four local networks, whereas Hulu does to three. NBC is excluded, for now, on Hulu, but I’m not sure whether that decision is made at the network or local level. Hulu does have History, Food Network and HGTV as part of its package.

This is the best site that I have found.

Thank you Modo! I appreciate the information tremendously!

I am hardly an expert on this subject, and the info I do have is a couple of years old - so it might have changed; but I think it is still accurate.

DirecTV somehow encrypts the shows it saves on it’s DVR’s so they will only play through DirecTV. They do allow someone to buy additional storage if they want to expand their storage space, but it must be configured so that it is, essentially, an extension of the DirecTV hard drive. But if you take that extension off and try to replay it on any other device, it won’t work. And if you get a new DVR from DirecTV, you cannot transfer the things you have saved on the former DVR to the new one.

All of that is to say that, no, I don’t think you can copy those shows you have saved on your DVR so that you can watch them if you no longer have DirecTV. There may be some elaborate ways to take a signal from DirecTV and copy it directly to some external hard drive - I don’t know. But if it’s already recorded on your DirecTV DVR, I’m pretty sure it will be lost.

I cut the cable about 4 months ago and went with YouTube TV. I’m streaming with only a 25 mb max. download speed to 2 tvs, sometimes in 4k, using a Roku Premier and a Roku Streaming Stick+, with minimal lagging. I figure I’m saving $80 per month and I don’t miss any channels EXCEPT The History Channel. Since Google owns YouTube I expect it to to be added in the future. They’ve already added 3 channels since I signed up.

You might want to add Philo for $15 per month. You get History, Science, ScyFy, Food, HGTV, DIY, and several other channels that YouTubeTv does not offer. Are you getting ALL of your local channels including PBS on YouTubeTV? Have you had any annoying accidents with the “special” buttons on the Roku remotes?

Thanks for posting. You have exactly the kind of info and experience I was looking for.

I’ll check into Philo. YouTube does have SciFi but not the others. It also has all network locals except PBS. I have a cheap antenna that gets it along with all the other locals. No problems at all with the special buttons.

I’ll check into Philo. YouTube does have SciFi but not the others. It also has all network locals except PBS. I have a cheap antenna that gets it along with all the other locals. No problems at all with the special buttons.


What DVR are you using? Does it record off of your antenna channels?

I may cut the cord right after the CWS. I don’t want to be trying out streaming options during the tournament with uncertain internet at Casa SF. Then when I relocate at the end of the summer, I’ll start out streaming there. I’m already checking on the internet options at the destination.

My personal setup is Sling TV’s orange package with the sports and lifestyle add-ons for about $30 a month. I use an OTA antenna (Amazon basics) and Tablo DVR for my local channels.

I tried DirecTV Now earlier this year and Sling is a TON better and cheaper. Plus Slings on-demand is great! DTVN, not so much.

I’m a very happy cord cutter for over 3 years now.

Does the Tablo DVR guide include the antenna channels? Do you have other TV’s? Does the Tablo wifi to them?

The Tablo is for antenna TV only and works on Wi-Fi. You hook the antenna and a external hard drive to it, install the Tablo app on your steaming devices, sync up the app with your Tablo DVR and you’re good to go. You can obviously record shows, but also pause, rewind and fast forward live TV. Here’s the link.

I cut the cord almost 2yrs ago, and I have zero regrets. I bought digital bunny ears ($50 one time fee) and get all local stations from the Indianapolis area and even some of Chicago. Amazon Fire TV stick ($30 one time fee) allows me to link my YouTube, Netflix, PrimeTV, Hulu, and Sling TV accounts all in one spot. I’ve had Netflix since 2004, so that monthly charge is non-existent in my eyes. My YouTube account is free. Hulu is $10 per month. Sling Blue with ESPN and SEC package is $30 per month. Prime account is $12 per month. I did splurge for HBO Now app which is $9 per month. Fire TV stick also has tons of free TV channel apps to download.

I spend less than $85 per month for all TV streaming accounts, and with the bunny ears and Fire TV stick, I don’t miss a single show I could ever want to watch. I did this with my living room setup. If you want to have multiple TVs running this way, you will need to run some coax cable, and need a splitter or two, along with having to separately purchase additional Fire TV sticks.

The ONLY downside with my setup is I cannot record or pause live TV. In this digital day of age we live in, I’ve quickly learned that you can essentially watch almost anything on demand outside of sporting events. I still couldn’t be happier now! It’s so much better than dealing with the evil TV cable or dish service providers.

What DVR are you using? Does it record off of your antenna channels?


YouTube TV uses an unlimited cloud DVR and it does record the local channels as well. My antenna is live broadcasts only. I do use the antenna for local networks a lot since the live broadcast quality seems a little better than streamed.

How does streamed compare to before you cut the cord? Is there any difference in quality there?

No change in streamed quality and I noticed that local broadcast tv looked better on antenna than cable even before I switched. I think you lose a little picture quality with both streaming and cable due to all the wiring and connections involved. The antenna feed is direct from the transmission tower so there’s minimal lose. I use the cheap $10 flat antennas from Amazon on 5 tvs.

What is the range of the digital antennas? I’m 100 miles north of Little Rock as the crow flies, which is where I would want to get local channels from. Our cable company (Suddenlink) only carries Springfield, MO local channels.