When are they going to hold Morris responsible for the Special Teams and the Offensive Coordinators? They both should be fired! The Head Coach is responsible so either he fires those coaches or he takes over their responsibilities himself. Take some responsibility!!! The OC calls the handoff the first two plays of every series and then wonders why they are bringing the house on third down. The defensive did a great job other than Santos Ramirez who is always lost or afraid to make a tackle. Chavez got Randy Ramsey and Dre Greenlaw back and it showed. It’s time for Morris to step up and face the music. If Saban’s coordinators coached as bad as those I have mentioned above he’ll call them over the coals. Morris just gives us the same story and doesn’t challenge anyone!

I don’t see how this is Morris’ fault. Plenty of guys dropped balls that they should have caught. And what you said happened in play calling the whole game didn’t happen.

I believe all of the pre-snap timeouts were due to the OC. You could tell Morris was yelling into his mic at one point. Let’s get some more involvement from the coaches on special teams, though

Baloney…nobody needs to be fired. Special teams are an issue as we ALL know.

Firing may be extreme.

But I think questions of special teams and OC and O Line assistants can be justified this season so far.

Offensively I thought the play calling was pretty good today. Our problem is the Oline, penalties, and drops. Hopefully with continuity at the qb position some of these things will be fixed.

Morris should hire an outstanding special teams coach with authority to give scholarships to a few players, especially kickers. Otherwise, Arkansas played better than expected.

Dude, get off the gas. Do you not see we cant block a peewee team.

Special teams has been an issue for years. Blowing coverages, getting kicks blocked, missing tackles and missing kicks have been our Achilles heel.

Not at this point in the season! But someone needs to accept responsibility for the Special Teams horrible play and the offense is way too predictable and the plays come in way too slow. Remember this is full tilt boogie!

It’s obvious that we need offensive line help!

Sorry, I promise that I won’t write anything negative from now on, but only positive. I like Chad Morris and will support him from now on. He has the kids playing hard and hopefully when we get his own talent on the field he’ll be able to do the things that he’s known for. Go Hogs!

Another outlandish post.

He’s working with what he has. Storey runs the offense more smoothly than Kelley, but he is still severely under talented for the SEC. He missed several throws, and also had several drops.

Not the OC or Chads fault, it’s just a lack of talent right now. OL is still not very good, and likely won’t change for a year or two.

Special teams was flat out awful. Idk how much of it was preparation or lack of effort. I’m sure it will be addressed.

This game was really much closer than I expected if you take away a long punt return, a fumble return deep in our territory, a blocked punt deep in our territory, an interception return and a kick return for a TD. We played against one of the best Defenses in the SEC and Nation. We also played against a dynamic Offense with very good talent.

John Chavis.

Not Hugo Chavez