Cooper Kupp

What a player he is.


He runs the best,disciplined precise routes.

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But he was not even a 3 star and was recruited by practically no one. He can’t be any good :smile:.

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And he’s married to an ex-Hog!


That must be why he’s so good. He makes great decisions.

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Here’s a good ESPN article on the two of them.


Wonder why his wife’s college credits from Arkansas wouldn’t transfer to Eastern Washington. She says she lost 2 years worth of credits.

If she was in a degree program here that EWU doesn’t have, that kind of credit loss wouldn’t surprise me.

I bet she is still a Hog.

Runs a lot of 2 cut routes, totally impossible to defend in man coverage,why they know they’re going to throw the ball to him and still can’t stop it. I would love for us to start running more 2 cut routes to create separation.

Lots of reasons credits don’t transfer. Changing majors will kill you.

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