Cooper Johnson

The Ole Miss catcher is really great. Probably the best ever. Everything he does makes the pitcher look good. Makes it tough on the ump because he makes every pitch look like a strike. He’s really good. Best catcher in the SEC and he’s only a freshman. Johnny Bench, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey wish they had Cooper Johnson’s talent. Really a good catcher. Top notch.

And Tanner whatisname from S Carolina was really fast. Cooper Johnson is a great catcher, though.

And just who was it that let us know how wonderful Cooper Johnson is? I was at the game, so I missed being instructed on his superlativeness.

I’m not sure who they were. All I know is that is was those who called the Thursday night game on the SEC network. He was all they talked about for about 2 innings.

It was Mike Rooney, the bald guy with the glasses that played his college ball at Notre Dame, used to be an assistant Baseball coach at Arizona State. He made some outlandish comparisons of Johnson to Major League stars - several times during that Thursday broadcast.

He kinda needs to hit some. If he can’t hit .200 in college he will never see the big leagues

He doesn’t need to hit much as long as he can continue to catch and pitch. According to the nimrod commentator it wasn’t so much the way the pitcher was pitching as much as it was the way Johnson was catching. that was so effective.

Jake Wise was a fantastic catcher, but he couldn’t hit a lick. His average seemed to always be below the Mendoza line. Catchers may not need to hit like Mike Trout, but they have to be able to hit a little.