Cook was huge

6 pts (3 for 4 from the field) 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, no turnovers.

Yeah, it looks like he’s our best at the 4 right now. I expect he’ll get a few more minutes in the next one.

He needs to build off of this game.

Yes he needs to be playing 20 minutes a night. Good defender, knows his role and shot looks good.

Cook just seems to play well on the road. He’s one of the guys that kinda embraces it, you need guys like. Also, I like him coming back off the bench rather than starting, he seems to come in with that second unit and really just brings a ton of energy.

Agree w all of this. Kid is earning a starting role

Very active defensively. I was impressed with his energy and awareness this evening

He knows what to do, and can do it. More PT for sure

He had a good game. Maybe his best. But you guys have a short memory. He’s as many bad games as Thomas. We ares struggling at the 4. Good news is whne Thomas or cook is bad, the other seems to be good. We only have each for one more year.

playing with confidence…

Cook has had some pretty good games, hitting clutch free throws, baseline jumpers, big rebounds, and blocked shots. Haven’t seen that from Thomas. Although Thomas showed tonight good moves taking it to the basket when Moses stepped outside. That was encouraging.