Contrasting Oregon State when they beat us for the NC and our current team ---------

--------------------- I remember being really impressed with several of their players. The catcher for sure and a couple of their pitchers were very impressive. They had MLB body size and athleticism. The rest of the team was certainly talented but they had several that really seemed to stand out.

We have one like that in terms of performance not necessarily stature. Kevin Kopps. The rest of our team seems to be solid, regular-sized, talented ball players, playing well right now, but not many seem sure fire first round draft choice future major leaguers. When you just look at Vanderbilt’s team compared to ours they have 3-4 very impressive “looking and playing” baseball players with definite future major leaguer appearance. Kumar Rocker is not the only example. We just have a better team. We have consistent good quality starting and on the bench players and they all seem to be playing at a very high level. We lead the SEC in fielding, runs scored, hit by pitches, walks, and home runs. The SEC is loaded with great baseball athletes and this team of ours dominated them this year. Franklin, Moore, Battles, Optiz, etc. may have long careers in the MLB, but there are as good or better players (except maybe for Moore) at their positions in the SEC than each of them. Collectively, there is no team that is equal to them in the SEC and probably in the nation. We shall have to see how that all works out, but I am very proud of this bunch of guys and their coaches. Go Hogs.

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