Contract Terms: How does BB's

Buyout compare to the buyouts of other SEC Head Coaches?

Don’t know exacts, but I miss sure it is pretty much the norm.

That’s just part of the cost of doing business in big boy football.

It’s similar to most of them but there is no good one-to-one comparison because every contract is structured differently.

For instance:

  • Kevin Sumlin would be owed in excess of $11 million if he is fired after this season. His contract calls for him to receive a lump sum payout of the entire amount owed in his contract within 60 days of being fired. That would have been in excess of $15 million last season - his fifth at Texas A&M - and more the year before, etc.

  • Gus Malzahn’s contract calls for him to receive in excess of $2.2 million for each season left on his contract. So when he signed it, that would have been in the $11 million range, with decreasing totals each season that he stays. There also is some language about money that would be paid to his assistant coaches.

  • Tennessee would owe Butch Jones $2 million times the number of seasons left on his contract, plus money to the assistant coaches. Jones would be owed somewhere in the neighborhood of $9 million right now, but the assistant figures could push that up to $14 million, depending on how many wanted to work the next year.

  • Jim McElwain’s buyout is $2.5 million for each season left on his contract. He is employed through 2022, so that is a beginning buyout of $15 million.

  • Mark Stoops’ buyout is around $14 million; Ed Orgeron’s buyout is in excess of $12 million.

This is market value of competing in the SEC. Not only do you have to lure coaches with large annual salaries, but you have to promise that you’ll make it worth their while to fire them. These are high-pressure jobs that some coaches might not take on without the buyout terms listed above.

For what it’s worth, Arkansas gave Bobby Petrino an $18 million buyout after his second season in which the Razorbacks went 8-5 overall, 3-5 in the SEC and won a bowl game. Bielema’s buyout was increased to $15.4 million when he went 7-6 overall, 2-6 in the SEC and won a bowl game in his second season. … ary-buyout

doubt we would ever know it if JL did the same, could have already happened: … 65c36.html

That was written prior to the 2016 season. Most of those numbers are dated due to the reasons I listed above.