Continuity! - Insiders?

Chad Morris said continuity is a big part of improvement and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, it’s such a no brainer, I guess I haven’t even really given it a thought, until now. Which has me asking all of you: When is the last time our program had continuity? Maybe to clarify, when is the last time our program and coaching staff that had been together for 3-4 years in all major positions, HC, DC, OC, OL, DL?

Good point - just guessing but 2010-2011?

2012 Smiles Smith
2013 Bielema staff first year
2014 New DC
2015 New OC, new DL coach
2016 New OL coach
2017 New DC, New DL
2018 New staff

I think most staffs have turnover annually. Look at Alabama. Only constant there is Saban. It would be good for Arkansas to have stability at the top for several years (HC, OC, DC).

Not 2010-2011.

Petrino switched DC and OC a few times.

The last staff to remain intact from one season to the next was 2010 to 2011.

You need continuity. Now, there is usually some change. The ideal way is when you win to a point that all of your coaches are coveted as head coaches.

I think if you look back at the Frank Broyles era, there was a lot of change. But he hired the nation’s best when he had change. Often, he pushed assistants for jobs because he had someone really good in mind to add to his staff, with something innovative on the way.

Clay, refresh my memory about what all went on with Johnny Majors. Did Frank want him to move on for some reason?

Johnny Majors left Arkansas to become a head coach at Iowa State.

Is Traylor still in the running for the SFA job?

Sorry. Just saw Richard’s post.

I know that. Somewhere in the back of my memory was something about Frank sort of being ready for Johnny to leave. Maybe I’m not remembering it right. Some sort of friction or irritation? Aargh. Getting old.

This is why CM will get 3 and probably 4 years to retool and get his program in place. Recruiting and development will determine how fast that plays out

The story goes that Iowa State wanted Merv Johnson. Frank did not want to lose Merv, his O line coach. He talked Iowa State into taking Johnny Majors.

Frank thought Johnny was a good defensive coach but not as good of a QB coach. He had to teach Johnny how to take a center snap and be able to coach it.

So Frank helped Johnny, but protected his staff, keeping the best coach he had. Merv never got the break to become a head coach. There was always a thought Missouri would hire Merv. But it never happened.

I take it the program is in no danger of losing the O-Line Coach…