Continued Technical Issues

I continue to get this error message when attempting to read an article on my phone. It started with the last update to the site.

Occasionally, I can read an article. Today, I was able to read 3 articles, then was told to login to read more. I immediately received the error message when I logged in.

If I can get to a desktop computer, I am able to read articles. It is very I convent to find a desktop computer.

I’ve cleared cache and history, cleared cookies, logged out and back in and so on. I have an updated Samsung galaxy 10 edge.

I know of nothing else I can do.

I would appreciate any assistance.

I brought this up to Matt a couple of weeks ago and he said he gets it sometimes too. As is the case with you, I get it on my phone but not my laptop.

Except my Cloudflare thing is usually in Atlanta.

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If I only got it occasionally, I wouldn’t mind. Basically, reading articles is impossible on my phone, with rare exceptions.

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Happens to me too, on iPhone, iPad and iMac. Been going on for several months. When it started I spent an hour or so on the phone with a tech (very pleasant young man) but it’s never been fixed.

Please fix this problem. It’s very aggravating and has been happening for months. It’s getting worse.

I had this problem for a couple of months. For the last couple of weeks no problems. I had tried all procedures recommended to solve the issue, but concluded it was a server problem.

I have forwarded your message to IT.

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You guys still having this issue? Funny thing, the problem went away for me for weeks and weeks. I saw this thread and it started happening again that day. Frustrating.

I have this issue daily. My phone is essentially useless

I don’t get it every time I try to read an article on my phone, but I get it a lot.

Me too… Cleared up for a while but back now. I have a Motoralo

Living deep in the woods without internet, my phone is my Razorbacks connection. When the error appears usually some time during the day I will be able to open up Whole Hogs. I presume there must be some overload issue with the host server.

Just to provide an update: This is being addressed.


FYI, I got the error this AM (on my iPad). I kept moving around from 1 link to another until I was able to view the article. It was the first time that I’ve gotten the error, but until recently I used my laptop more than the iPad.

I can’t access the front page stories with my Android phone or tablet. Aggravating!

Is this going to be fixed soon? Is there anything that can be done?

Now I’m getting Error 502 on my laptop too.

This is interesting. I wonder why I never get it in my phone other than the 3 articles login. Which I do and done. I wonder why some get it and some don’t. My first thought is WiFi. I don’t use WiFi very often. My second thought is the browser of choice and the settings being used. I realize it’s a problem for many but many people may be doing the same thing while others aren’t. I don’t know. I’m annoyed with the login thing. But it always accepts my login.

I go to numerous different sites directly and using links every day and this is the only one that gives me this error message. EVER! As I’ve said before, I’m using my Android tablet and phone. It happens about 75% of the time.

It only happens when I access the front page and/or the articles. The message board is fine.

I had this same problem. Couldn’t open articles on phone. Kept directing me to log in. Finally spoke with someone on phone who told me to log out and re-register. “Register” requires re-entering your personal info. - address etc.

I’ve gotten Error 502 once on my laptop (Sunday night after the SEC final), but I continue to get it frequently on my phone, and backing out and trying again is often futile.

I’m not getting the stuff about logging in over and over any more, but trying to read WHS articles is becoming increasingly frustrating.