Continuation of old topic - referees

The MO fans,with whom I watched the Sat game, questioned why the referees were so biased against Arkansas. Not sure that if bad calls changed the outcome, but definitely bad calls kept 3 MO drives alive.

The roughing the passer penalty against AR where MO play pushed the AR defender from behind & into the MO QB was just the beginning. Had initially assumed that to be an illegal block to the back against MO.
The bogus pass interference call & the personal foul for taunting later against Arkansas were continuation of the obvious biased refereeing. Even ESPN broadcasters did not see valid penalties on replays.

When will the penalties be start to automatically be reviewed in the booth & with opportunity to overturn bad calls? There was no accountability by the refs in the MO game & at several of our other games this season, including the Auburn flubbed call & blown Catalon targeting suspension. Surprised CSP has not requested more reviews of these bad calls.

The technology is there to quickly review penalties in the booth. If SEC & NCAA want to preserve the integrity of football, there needs to be a better review process so games are not decided by the refs, especially close games. In the meantime, we continue to play with an ongoing refereeing handicap.

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Every play is supposedly reviewed in the booth, but coaches only get one challenge per half, with an extra one if your first challenge is successful. You could burn your challenges in the first and third quarters and have nothing later.

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I saw a lot of funny calls in the game. I thought Arkansas got some calls and Missouri got some calls. The Missouri fans booed for most of the game on the calls they didn’t like. It reminded me of the LSU game when Arkansas fans booed for most of the game. The Bolton ejection was viewed by Missouri folks about like the Catalon ejection by Arkansas folks. I thought Missouri tackled Arkansas defenders for much of the game. There were a few holding calls, but not as many as what I saw. The referee obviously missed the call on the roughing the passer. It was a block in the back.

The unsportsmanlike call against Foucha would be OK if that’s the way the game was called. But there were taunts and posing by Missouri players throughout.

It’s strange the way celebration and taunting has been called this year – almost never called. Treylon Burks danced in the end zone all by himself after the 68-yard TD and was warned by the field judge. Missouri players did the same thing. Officials don’t seem to want to call unsportsmanlike much this year. Don’t know why, but it is not a point of emphasis then it pops up on the Foucha pose. Clearly, it’s not a year when things are consistent.

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In the Bama-LSU game, LSU’s Kayshon Boutte clearly dropped the ball before he crossed the goal line with LSU’s first touchdown, but another LSU guy recovered the ball in the end zone and the touchdown stood. However, we’ve had a couple of clear recoveries that weren’t awarded.

Let’s just say they’re consistently inconsistent.

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I have to think of the law of averages too

Too many times the calls weighted against Arkansas

It was bad and the officials are likely prejudice and not even aware they are

Vegas sports book calculate this in thier high roller betting

I wonder if Arkansas was 3 points down this year for official bias

If every play & penalty is reviewed in the booth, then how could Arkansas be penalized for roughing the passer when MO player clearly blocked AR player from behind & pushed him into the MO QB?

The penalties are unfair, & obviously the booth reviews are equally unfair. This happened at the end of the Auburn game & to Catalon. Too bad the booth reviews by Mr. Magoo & friends can’t be conducted by the ESPN tv announcers who watch the games with open eyes.

Arkansas gets the lion’s share of the unfair penalties that seem to dictate the outcome of these close games. It won’t matter against AL as there is no need for the refs to help AL with the outcome.

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No, not every penalty is reviewed. Only targeting is reviewed.

It’s true that every play is reviewed, but not every situation is reviewable. They do review personal foul targeting penalties. But they do not review roughing the passer, pass interference or any other penalty in NCAA games. They do not review the spot of the ball except when it is close to the first down line. They do not review spots on non-scoring plays. They cannot call a penalty other than targeting.

So when you say all plays are reviewed, they are, but they are only looking for reviewable items like a catch, fumble, recovery (and then we know there is a time limit if they want it to a time limit).

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The taunting call was bias because it wasn’t called evenly on Mizzou

The personal foul on the QB first series first quarter was a totally blown call the Mizzou oline man pushed our player into their QB

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In the interest of promoting & encouraging fan support, attendance, & tv ratings, seems that the NCAA & SEC would do all that is possible to keep officiating fair & unbiased for all teams.

As a fan, it is not fun & an effort of futility in watching a game when your team is repeatedly handicapped by bad & biased officiating against your team.

It is not the officials’ role to influence or determine the outcome of these close games based on their personal bias. Yes, understand that I am preaching to the choir!

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I got a kick out of the spot on the KJ run on 4th down that lead to a measurement. The linesman spotted the ball about half a yard short of where KJ reached out. I don’t know if that was intentional or just sloppy work, but if it was intentional he botched it, as the measurement showed it was a first down anyway. I thought if it was short they could challenge and it would be obvious he stretched past the marker, but you never know based on the replays we’ve gotten this year.


The play I’m thinking about wasn’t KJ, it was a run by Burks, the play before the touchdown pass to Woods. Horrible spot, we barely got the first down anyway.

Speaking of Woods, the catch on the tipped 2-point play was the SportsCenter Top Ten play of the day.

Was it Burks? My mistake.

I was calling that out all game. Our run defense is solid and we rarely give up big plays, but yesterday, Mizzou was ripping off a bunch of big runs. Now you know why.

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Is each game reviewed to grade the officials individually, and as a crew? If so, I’m curious how some of them have scored this year.

watched the same all game - Love it when a Grandhild says “pappy why is the man in black choking our player?”

as they watch Mizzou Olinemen basically tackle our deline with choke holds

Would like to know who grades the refs - obviously no one from Arkansas.

I don’t dispute MO had a bad call or two against them. Still, the Bolton call looked a whole lot more like targeting than Catalon’s did. The roughing the passer call was awful as was the unsportsmanlike call on Fouche. Agree that it might not be a bad thing to make illegal, but no way was his antic any worse than others throughout the game.

Foucha :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know AR does not get away with as much as Bama, LSU, Aub & some other SEC charter members. But we been in the league a lot longer than Mizzu.

Probably this guy.