Consistency key to Eric Gregory taking the next step

Wrote on defensive lineman Eric Gregory, a player who has flown somewhat under the radar the last 2 seasons but could flash this fall as Arkansas looks to utilize his versatility:


Got to see a lot of the players while attending camps this summer. Often times they would be wrapping up workouts before camps or starting workouts after the camps.

I would also see them working the camps too. Eric was one of the guys people were talking about the most in regards of making big strides in the weight room and his body.

His 300 pounds was very well distributed.

Luke Jones is another that looked very, very good. I might say he’s probably the one that caught my eye the most. His whole body has filled out since he transferred from ND and looks like one of those thick Bama types.

Saw him a few times on campus and again when he was playing in the Arkansas Hall of Fame golf tournament.

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