GREAT, not good win, versus Bama. Did not think the Hogs could pull that one off and was surprised Avery Johnson did not adjust to the half court zone pressure defense. GREAT WIN JUST THE SAME. Then Missouri and Vanderbilt…I cannot tell what we are trying to do on offense?? I have heard move. Ok, but movement has purpose to create good shots for the team. Screens are poorly executed, spacing is marginal at best, rebounding is not emphasized and therefore poor. Giving up layups on the half court and also uncontested 3’s against a very good 3 point shooting team…makes me scratch my head. Looking at the remaining schedule, I just do not see how we can get to the NCAA Tournament. I cannot see us winning more than 4 of the remaining games. I cannot even say, any particular game is a lock. I have no idea what team will show up. If we do not get to the NCAA tourney, there are decisions to be made about where the program is and where it is going. If you talk to any AD with a true understanding of measuring a program’s success, future recruits are not in the equation unless you are in the 1st or 2nd year of a staff’s tenure. Recruits have not played one play in the SEC. This team does not have any chemistry and that is sometimes true when you have an influx of JUCO’s in same year. What player is playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. Just opinions.