Consider the Pitino implications...

Pitino is without question a great basketball mind, and everybody knows it. He has name recognition with just about any recruit. He coaches at a university with one of the richest basketball traditions in the sport, and Louisville still had to resort to these shenanigans to sign players. I could have been persuaded that Pitino and Louisville didn’t need to cheat.

Now consider coaches whose recruiting success far exceeds their performance on the court and the tradition of their respective universities. It’s not that difficult to tell who is cheating the most egregiously. Just follow the recruits. It was evident that Armstrong was doping because he won. I’ve posted many times before that “elite recruiter” wasn’t necessarily a compliment.

It’s quite possible that there wouldn’t be 68 eligible teams to fill out a Big Dance bracket if the FBI and NCAA got everyone who was cheating.

True, but some coaches/schools clearly go the extra mile.

That’s why this is a huge charade. As if assistant collegiate basketball coaches are the problem. That is ridiculous.

Interesting story on this afternoon. It seems there was an assistant coach at Hawaii in the late 1970s who didn’t bother with the rulebook very much. Eight confirmed violations, then lied to the NCAA about it. It was so bad that the NCAA recommended the Bows disassociate this coach (this was before show-cause orders). Those violations would be an obstacle for that assistant when he got a shot at a major D-I HC job more than a decade later. But he managed to convince the school to hire him anyway.

This Hawaii assistant’s name? Rick Pitino. That major D-I job? Kentucky.

The Dance may start with the sweet 16 for a few years!

I am surprised that you did not know that some had always suspected Pitino was not clean, right from his Kentucky days.

See above. Slick Rick got the cheatin’ thang down long before he got to Lexington.

Isn’t the new Arkansas State coach a former Pitino assistant just last year? Wonder what he knows??

I did know about Pitino’s past. I knew about the accusations at the beginning of his career. I guess that I should have said that I could have believed that he didn’t need to cheat any longer. If anything, Pitino at Louisville seemed to be getting fewer players than he should at this point in his career. I wouldn’t have thought that UK could have so decisively out recruited Louisville if Louisville was also so willing to do anything to sign a player, which indicates what Calipari must have been doing all these years.