Good to see Connor have a big day. Get him going, and this team could really take off. I had no way to watch the game today. Where were CV’s points coming from, and how did he look defensively?

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CV was 1 of 2 from deep, had two tipins and scored three baskets on postups. Also hit about a 12 footer from the left wing. Drew three fouls and was 4-4 from the line.

Defensively he had three blocks and four defensive boards. I can remember once he got roasted on a P&R but the other defender on the play didn’t do any better.

Connor is still about as big around as a twig…but he has gained some strength. He was tougher in post defense and posting up on offense than I have ever seen him. He has also learned to receive the ball and refrain from putting the ball on the floor. or just bringing it down low.

I was super pleased with Conner today.

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Remember Connor had 23 points last year in the season opener. That is his career high.

He has a big role for us if he can hit this shot consistently.

And he looked like dirk on his first bucket. I feel a whole lot better about our teams size and depth if Connors shot selection and defense can keep him in the rotation. I don’t know if he was really tested on his defensive weaknesses today but he looked solid rebounding, a couple blocks, and a threat on offense.

He is going to have crazy terrific value in some games this season and have nights like this. Much more of an emphasis with him playing inside the arc, too. Two of his 12 shots today were 3s.

I like the turnaround he showed a few times. That’ll play and be nearly impossible to block or alter.

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Consistency is key. Can’t have CV play great one game, and then completely disappear the next five.

I think we can have that and will. Some of that won’t be his choice. Muss will play to the matchups.

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Yup. There will be games where CV just doesn’t fit.

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That is the reason why we have Muss. He will substitute early if Conner can’t match up with the flow of the game. Conversely, if Connor is effective, he will get playing time.

When there is serious muscle in the paint Connor will disappear to the bench at Muss instruction.

I also think that is why he was playing him with Jaylin so he could play pseudo forward and distribute, shoot and long rebound.

Stretch 4, basically. That makes some sense. And mostly keep him under the basket on defense.

He dominated the game when he was in there, was very much a factor! Without him we would have been in trouble. I noticed his three-pointer had more Arch on it and it looked much better.


With Devo and Connor hitting 3s, it takes this team to another level. However, they are probably both a bit suspect 3 point shooters until they prove they can be consistent by the time we hit the SEC season.

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I understand teams and matchups will dictate CV’s minutes on the court. I just want him to produce good results while he’s out there, whether it’s for 5 minutes, 15 or 25.

On offense, establish himself as a low post presence, and not just camp out at the 3-pt line. He tried to do that against G-W and scored some nice buckets around the rim and a couple of tip-ins as well.

On defense, rebound the ball and defend the rim. He did that fairly well against G-W.

He does these things well on a consistent basis, and I can look past his limitations on the court.


What I really liked about Connor’s game was he went into his moves with purpose and kept the ball high. I know it was just 1 game, but I could tell he really worked in the off season on his post game. I would love to see more.

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