Connor Vanover

Insiders, how has the big fella’s summer gone so far? Is he making progress? Foot OK? Do you think he could wind up being the Reggie Perry consolation prize? Personally, I think I would rather have Connor for 3 or 4 than Reggie for 1.

I haven’t seen Connor this spring. I may see him in Vegas.

Don’t see Arkansas getting involved.

Look forward to seeing him play in July, but as Richard stated I will be surprised if Arkansas goes back on him.

Arkansas just doesn’t see it as a fit.

Again great fit, great family - I’ve known his mom forever - but it just doesn’t appear it is going to work out

Last I heard Memphis was a strong contender.

That just makes me wanna hurl. Only thing worse would be if he wound up at Ole Mess.

Tubby at Memphis desperate for recruits. I am not surprised. Perry departure has to be making our staff give Vanover another look.

Totally different players.

I’m curious as why you would think so - the height?

Perry was leading fast breaks I don’t see any similarities

Good luck in finding someone similar to Perry.

There is a big difference in similar and better.

There is fit, might fit and doesn’t fit

I think Josh Leblanc is close, they have a lot of similarities that you will notice if you watch film on him, of course Leblanc is a little shorter, but I really like him, he’s going to be an impact guy for 3-4 years, although I think he’s LSU bound. We also are showing interest in a name that popped up yesterday in Keyshawn Bryant, 6’7 combo forward, he’s not really similar to Perry, he’s more of an above the rim type of guy, but still his recruiting is really starting to pick-up and he’d be a nice piece. Another name to look out for is Feron Hunt, a 6’8 F, he’s another guy that Hogs are reportedly looking at in 2018.

As far as the Vanover discussion, for those that haven’t seen him play, I would highly encourage you to save judgement on his recruitment until you’ve had a chance to see him. I’ve seen him play in person in AAU. There was several times he didn’t make it to the other end of the floor when the game speed picked up. He’s a D1 talent, because of his height and shooting ability, but I just see no way that he fits in our up-tempo system, unless something changes drastically. He’s going to probably end up at lower D1 school that will run a slow-mid tempo, that can run a lot of set plays and can get him involved that way.