Connor Vanover

What was his line, and how did he look against ECO?

Here is a link to the Final Box…

Thanks. Doesn’t look like he’s in the rotation.

I didn’t go through the play-by-play to see how and where his time factored into the game. So I don’t know if the lack of time was match-up issues, or Muss just wanting to get time for other guys.

Personally, I think Connor is a defensive liability except under certain conditions. Small quick teams he is too slow of foot. Against more methodical teams I think he will play a bigger part. Just my opine and I barely know enough to fill a thimble compared to Muss, so take it for what its worth… not much.

Apparently he injured his knee in practice prior to the first exhibition game. That might’ve impacted his play.

Injury bug working its way thru the team right now.

What about Stanley Umude he only played 6min ?

Yeah not sure. Haven’t bheard about any injury issues with him. He didn’t play well at all, and Muss pulled him pretty early.

Vanover, one of first subs in, tweaked his knee after getting in during the first half, playing the 4:37 and not returning.

He had a nice basket in the post, made 1of-2 free throws, dished off an assist and had a block in his time in the game.

Also he was one of the few that looked for the extra pass to find a better shot, something I didn’t think the opening five did well at all during their first stint.

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