Connor Vanover

Yes…as they say, “My bad”. I deleted that misguided post shortly after I realized it was not directed at me. Sorry for the confusion.

What is concerning to me about Connor is his lack of consistancy from the 3 point range. I hear about how good he is in practice but it hasn’t tranlated to the games.

I have only seen Connor once since basketball season ended.

He did not look 215 to me, but I didn’t really size him up to be honest.

See what I can find out now that I am back to work.


I don’t think Connor has received enough PT to get comfortable on the court and be consistent from the 3.

I don’t think Connor’s problem in getting time last season was offense.

To me, it was mainly other teams taking advantage of him defensively.


Agree, defense is why he didn’t get as much PT in the second half of the season. But the point was that it is difficult to develop consistency in shooting when you are not on the court as much.

How much he is going to play this year is totally dependent on him. I’m sure the coaches want him at a certain weight and skills that he need to improve. I’m going to wait and see how he does……it’s all on him.

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He can’t keep getting pushed under the basket on defense. He might as well be 5’3" if that keeps happening. He has a really nice skill set, but it is all on him to take the next jump. He can make a lot of money playing basketball, but he’s got to get a lot tougher. Again, that is 100% up to Connor.

You weren’t watching the same games I was. CV wasn’t getting pushed under the basket. The reason he lost PT is that teams realized he couldn’t come out from under the basket and cope with the pick and roll, and they P-n-R’d us to death. Really had nothing to do with strength. Actually pretty much what the Suns have been doing to Portis in the finals so far.

Connor is never going to be a “big” looking guy so he must concentrate on strengthening his biggest weakness and that is his legs.He has to have a stronger base bc everyone will have leverage on him bc he is so Tall.He has to be able to hold his ground down low which will allow him to get his shot off better and position himself better for rebounds,so if I were trainer it would all be about building up his legs.

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Makes sense. But he can’t spend all day working on just legs. He needs to develop his entire body more. Concentrate on the legs, but you can only spend a certain amount of time on one muscle group. I have faith that his trainer(s) and coaches know what he needs and will git’er done. I have to admit, though, over the years I have seen plenty of bigs who seemed to never come close to developing much strength.

I agree that the whole body must be trained but a MAJOR emphasis would be to make him MUCH stronger in his legs and also more agile side to side.

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