Connor Vanover

As I look forward to FB with great anticipation, I am also wondering about Connor Vanover’s progress with his weight. Anybody have first hand knowledge, preferably from the scales, or at least from a visual of him lately?

I saw a report a while back that said he had actually lost weight. Was at 215.

He’s one of those people that can’t gain weight. He’s been trying for years.

I don’t see him being much different as far as weight going forward. If it was going to happen, I’m sure it would have taken place. I’d give him some if I could. But it would just evaporate into thin air. Getting it. Thin air?

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In July 2020 he was listed at 247…that doesn’t sound like a made-up weight. He lost a lot of weight after that when he got sick. I don’t know how much he lost, but 215 sounds way too low. When well during off-season he should be able to get back to at least his previous high. He needs to carry more than 247 IMHO.

I could give him a great list of foods (and drinks) that would help him gain weight. Same as my list of foods and drink to stay away from now that I’m over 50. LOL. Jalapeño potato chips, beer, chicken wings, ice cream…I can go on and on.

Is there any pics of him at 247 lbs?
Now at 215, over 30 lbs difference.

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Covid kicked him hard and has lots of residuals, CV seems to be in that boat

If he really is at 215, which I do not believe, he probably should be checked in to a hospital. Dudley Dawson knows CV better than anybody on this site. I hope he will comment.


I have a HS classmate who is friends with CV’s mother (as is Dudley). I have sent her a FB message…she is not as good a source as Dudley, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Well it’s now official. I don’t need to lose weight to be considered thin. I just need to grow about a foot and a half to have the same measurables as Connor.

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Lunges, jump squats, dead lifts. This is what Connor needs to be doing (a lot) in the gym right now to become a better conditioned athlete. He’s a talented player player with many useable skills. Mobility is an issue but he’s 7’3" so I’m not gonna hold that against him.

But does he have the desire, toughness and work ethic to become a great player? That’s the question.

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You all do realize that Vanover’s class will be seniors this year right?
To quote Judge Judy, he is fully cooked.
The sooner you all come to grips with it, the less disappointed you will be.

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Kinda, like Kevin Kopps was fully cooked just about a year ago at 23 years of age…went from possibly giving up to “Best player in college baseball”. Kinda like Brandon Burlsworth was totally cooked until his 4th year. There are many more examples. I’m sure our sports writers could cite many more examples effortlessly.


Yeah just like Patrick Beverley was fully cooked when he left UA in 2008, right? He had fully developed his body and game, nothing else to add. Right?

Very lame analysis.

My bad. You are the same people who said Vanover was an NBA player. Carry on.

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He’s a Razorback and I won’t forget that.


His being a Hog and us “wishing and hoping” four years later are two entirely different things tho!
I posted BEFORE he signed with Cal, after he transferred and during this past season that he is who he is. Adding weight won’t change his limitations. And he’s certainly not going to suddenly turn into an aggressive, beast mode type player either.

Just so you know, that quote by Swine Fusion was directed at SwineSong, not you.

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Yea, it was meant for me. I’m well aware of this particular poster’s act and I don’t feed into it.
I always say to myself whenever he posts…”be careful wrestling with a pig. Both of you will get dirty, but only one of you will like it.”