Connor Vanover

I guess I’m going to have to be the one to start this thread… I’m not going to say anything about him. We all saw it play out. We have seen it trending in this direction as competition gets better and bigger. Instead I want to say something about our rotation. Is it a depth issue or a coaching philosophy? Henderson Jackson or Williams can’t get some rebounds and slow down power players in the sec at all? I mean I trust CEM I just can’t get what he’s thinking, unless CV just lights it up from three in practice so he sticks with him. And if that’s the case then I worry even more about our depth in the front court if those guys can’t slow down cv in practice at all to give a comparable sec defense look. What’s going on. Hopefully they all get in the weight room and get ready for sec level competition real quick. I guess we need to go small ball more like last year 5 guards, for real.

Vanover is who we (I) said he is.
Defensively, he’s gonna get killed in pick and roll, post ups and in transition.
I was trying to caution everyone to temper expectations.
There were even some “he’ll be in the NBA” talk on here.
I don’t blame him at all tho. Muss knew what he was getting and didn’t recruit (or sign) a big to compliment Vanover.
For the second straight year, Muss has no big on the roster who’s a threat to score on the block.

If he does not make open shots, he won’t play. I figure he will make them as the season progresses. He made some on the road at Auburn.

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Had hoped Muss would have time last year with Vanover in developing him. Recollect there being high expectations.

Game today may be a reality check of where this team is. Hopefully we have some success in the SEC without Mason & Joe & with some improvement over last season.

He was 1-6 for three vs Auburn. 0-5 today, 0-11 from the field. I’d say that’s the definition of not making open shots. Curious to see what happens and wondering if muss is going to prove me wrong or surprise me or what. But he has sure shown a lot patience to Vanover thus far and not a lot of confidence in any other big. Today was especially frustrating. I mean 0-11 wow. Not a lot of people get that kind of free reign

Like Swinesong, I said he would struggle with stronger players, especially centers, in this league. I think he has a high ceiling. I read somewhere that he is working on a hook shot. If can master the hook shot down low, we’ll have a legit big man threat. Like I said in the Mizzou thread, not having Justin Smith is going to hurt us defensively down low. Vanover just doesn’t have the strength to bang with stronger guys yet.

He’s three years removed from high school. If he hasn’t gotten stronger by now, I doubt it will happen.
We are just going to have to come to terms with he is who he is.
I’m not knocking him. He has a place on the team. But, we are in trouble if he is a heavy minutes guy and/or our main big man option.

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I really thought Williams would come in a make an impact, but he’s just struggling with defense and looks afraid to shoot all we do is use him to screen, I know he can shoot thev 3 because I saw him knock down several in his highlight videos.

Conner just needs to adopt the mindset that he is gonna dunk everything. I just don’t know if he’s got it in him. He is very skilled, but is there a mean streak in that big body?

I don’t think it’s right to blame just 1 player! He’s not the only Hog that missed shots today. It was a bad day. Forget it. CEM will figure out something to do and try until he finds something that works.

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Playing such weak competition in pre season has not allowed the team to prepare properly for conference play. Hogs were averaging 99 points a game against lesser competition. If you heard coach today after the game, he appeared to be shocked and worried that the team was so inept in so many areas. Had the original schedule stayed in tact, he would have seen these deficiencies earlier and had time to work on them before the conference games began.

Auburn was better competition but they played the kind of game that required little if any adjustments because styles were so similar. Missouri played more aggressively and more physical. I don’t know if Muss is overreacting to a poor shooting night but what he knows now is that if this team shoots poorly they have nothing to fall back on to help them win the game. We made Tilmon look like an NBA star when he probably won’t even be drafted. I saw him play against Illinois and he was dominated inside.

Whoever said it is right. Another season of no inside presence. We let a guy who is averaging 7 points and 7 rebounds a game get 25 and 11.

90 points a game not 99.

I don’t think anyone is blaming him alone. This was a team loss, but there were so many on this board that touted him as the next big thing for our program and a few of us said we should temper our expectations. The Mizzou game exposed some issues not only with him, but our interior defense.

I agree Army. Kinda sickening, IMO.

Criticizing a coach making millions and living in a mansion is little different than ripping a teenager who is doing the best he can.

Like I said I blame the rest of the team more than him, because apparently they are making him look like an all American in practice when the rest of the sec athletes are making him look like the one dimensional, undynamic high school stand out that Mike Anderson didn’t even think about recruiting.

If I was a big man riding the pine to back up CV I would be piiiissssssed and play hard as heck in the next practice. Somebody needs to get mean. I’m interested to see how this plays out. An embarrassing loss was maybe what we needed to play catch up real quick after a non conference season that didn’t prepare us any for sec play.

It is not easy to master the hook shot. Many big men have tried. It is an unstoppable and unblockable shot, but you can see how rarely ou see it attempted in any form of basketball.

Other than Missouri’s first score, vanover played the pick and roll much better than Williams. How many times was Williams guarding a guard and one of our guards was trying to guard Missouri’s center. We did not play the pick and roll well all day.

That being said, part of coach muss playbook, shoot the three, drive and go to foul line did not work because the refs were letting Missouri bang us all day. They were much more physical.

add in the fact we did not shoot well at all, and we received a mauling.

we looked young today.
where is Jackson? apparently his dad not happy with playing time on twitter.

worst game sills has played in a long time.
vanover shooting woes really hurt, we rarely post him down low and let him pass to open shooters. the shots he is designed to get are threes on the high pick and roll.

i thought the team played selfish at times.

tic tac fouls on us when missouri drove to basket, yet they let them maul us inside.

looked to me we lost confidence early on, were intimidated from the get go. hope desi does not go through a shooting slump like he did early last year.

thank goodness for moody. kid is the real deal. unfortunate we probably won’t have him next year.

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Have we all forgot that he lost almost 30 pounds in October with his illness. In his red-shirt year, he managed to put on those 30 pounds. There is no way he is going to regain that weight during the basketball season. This year, he’s going to be, hopefully, a stretch 4 who can shoot the 3 and block some shots. Against teams that don’t have 6’10, 260 pound 4s and 5s, he’ll block some shots, get some boards, and hopefully hit some 3s.

Next off-season, I’ll bet he can put on those 30+ pounds again, gain strength and be more of a force at the rim, while still being a good 3 point shooter. Connor and Williams will both be much better next season. Add Mawein and Johnson for 2021 and we should be pretty stout in the front court next season.

This season, especially if Smith will really be 100% in 3-6 weeks, we’ll make the NCAA tourney and probably make some noise!

Vanover gaining and holding weight might be a pipe dream. Well, he kinda looks like a bunch of pipes hooked together. Long pipes.