Connor Vanover

Just by chance I discovered Connor Vanover, 7-2, 210-pound Center from Little Rock, AR, class of 2018. He earned a spot on the U-16 national team in basketball at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Apparently he is a 4 star considering Arkansas and Kansas.

You haven’t seen him mentioned before?

He’s been mentioned for a while now. Let’s hope he signs with the hogs!

No, I haven’t. I have seen posts about our need for a true center, but I don’t recall seeing the name “Connor Vanover.”
However, I agree with Army Hog that hopefully he signs with Arkansas.

Gay it’s kind of hard to hide a guy who was 7 foot as a 9th grader. Last year Connor and his 7’ brother Brandon led BP to the 4A state title. There wasn’t much news on Connor this season because he was hurt for awhile. I think the Hogs offered him over a year ago, but the status of that offer is unclear right now. This would be the 2018 class, which is pretty loaded for us right now. Some questions as to how well CV would fit in MA’s system. BTW, he has a 7 foot + twin brother who does not play basketball. His mom played at the UofA.

And another brother at Bama

Didn’t know about him baked. Did he play basketball?

Believe it’s been said he is (or was) in the band

Conner is a good kid. Good family. BP won last night and play today.

I’ve done about 12 stories on him since he was in the 9th grade.

He had an offer from Arkansas at one point, but does not as of now according to my intel.

Great shooter, great kid.

Not a dominant center and still growing into his body.

It seems I remember S. Hill was a 7 footer out of Missouri that took a while to develop once he arrived on the Hill. Dudley how does he compare to him?

Very different player. Think Luke Kornet. Long long slender guy who likes to hang around the perimeter and shoot 3’s. Moves OK for a guy his size but does not move well for a guy in Mike’s system. I’d love to see him go to a prep school, then come in with the 2019 class.

Yes. Very different player.

Hill was a bruiser inside, strong and stuck to the post.

Vanover certainly scores inside because of his height against smaller players, but is a finesse player who loves to shoot the 3 and can do it very well.

I am sure he would gain some strength as things go along, but he would get bullied inside against a 6-8, 240-pound guy.

OK, I understand what he is now, but what can you project for what Connor is gonna be like, look alike in two or three or four years?

Just to clarify, Connor (7’-3") is the youngest of the three and a JR at Baptist this season. Brandon (graduated BP last year) & Justin (saxophone player at Bama - graduated from LR Central) are the twins (both 7’-0"). Brandon played post last year at Baptist and is redshirting this year on the UCA basketball team.

BTW, if you haven’t seen Connor play, Baptist Prep is playing in the 4A Championship in Hot Springs this Friday at 7pm. You will also get a chance to see his teammate Issac McBride. Watching the two of them (and their team) will be well worth your effort.

Thanks Ramblin, I knew someone knew who and where they were.

Luke is a better comparison than Steve, but even Luke was far more mobile at the same stage. That’s the issue with Connor - mobility. And, I’m not sure how much better it will get considering his height and body make-up. Big spring and summer coming up. I’m sure pulling for him.

I was told by a friend who watches Connor play every game that the light seemed to have clicked on for Connor in the last three games. I hope you get to see him over the summer. My friend assures me that we will see a different player.

Not really because I don’t know how much strength he is going to have and how much he will catch up with his body.

Great young man, very good high school player, very good from 3 and someone who will play college basketball at a D-I school.

But since he is so different than everyone else, it is just hard to project.

He needs time to bulk up to his frame. Years ago the kid from Bald Knob had size but fot pushed around. Hopefully Conner can gain some strength and develop.