Connor Vanover

I don’t intend for this thread to go south with negativity, but I just saw that Connor Vanover has scored 12 & 15 in his last two games and some Cal fans are calling him the biggest highlight of a bad season so far. I am over it now, but I sure wish the Hogs would have given him a chance.

Those two efforts have boosted his season average to 5.5 points and he is also averaging 2 rebounds.

He is also averaging 13 minutes a game.

I think he is a good kid.

Feel bad for him with what California is going through. The Bears have lost 10 straight, are 5-17 overall and have not won a game since late December.

He was also out a couple of weeks with a broken nose he got from diving for a loose ball… not in the stat book. LOL

I watched him play a couple of nights ago. One thing for sure is you can’t coach 7’3". Watched long enough to see him shoot a couple of threes, dunk, and get a couple of rebounds…

Those are all PAC12 stats right their…a whole 12 pts WOW!!

more than what Ibby is giving

I’m pretty sure Ibby can get 5 and 2 on the Cal Bears this year. They have lost 11 straight and are 0-10 record in the PAC-12 which is horrible this year.

For comparison’s sake:
Adrio Bailey, a junior, is currently averaging 6ppg and 3 rpg in 19 minutes of play per game
Gabe Osabuohein, a sophomore, is currently averaging 3 ppg and 3 rpg in 13 minutes of play per game

Adrio Bailey PER 11.7
Gabe O PER 7.4
Connor Vanover PER 17.5

You do realize one team is tied for 5th in the 2nd best high major conference and one team is in last place without a single conference win in the worst high major conference. That’s like me going and finding someone stats on a mid-major team and saying, look they have better per minute stats, so obviously that means they are better than some of our players… it doesn’t. All it means is those are their stats on a bad team in a bad conference.

Also, I watched that Cal team play Stanford the other day, Adrio and Gabe would be immediate upgrades for them and both would start for them and probably both be their leading scorers.

This system was not conducive to Connor’s skillset. It would not have been a good fit.

They definitely should have put more effort into bringing in a big man who could help this year. I don’t think he was a good fit but Connor would have been more productive than the two bigs on our bench right now. Ivan Aurrecoechea, a guy they looked at but never went full force on would have been a really good add. Grad Transfers like Femi Olujobi or Tariq Owens would have done wonders.

I was just putting up his numbers, as I usually do here since I’m a reporter, and not taking sides

I wish the kid had gotten a chance here, most of all because I like his family and have known his mom forever.

Come next season we really may wishing he had become a Hog and he could have played some minutes right now I would think, but that’s the reason MA is paid the big bucks and I’m not ! WPS

Having watched both Vanover and Henderson multiple times in high school, I felt like we offered the wrong guy. No, he won’t win many sprints. Neither would Dwight Stewart, and he was pretty effective in the Nolan/Mike system. I gotta think CV would be good for 10-15 quality minutes a game next season. I wonder who out there that we might bring in is capable of giving us that?

So… let me get this straight we have a freshman on the team about to break the school 3 point record, we have a first year JUCO player averaging 14 PPG and hitting game winners, we have another freshman that just scored 16 points on the road against the #19 team in that nation and hit a game winner, we have arguably the best big man in the nation and future first round pick at center and his back-up is a 4-star that’s been playing pretty good that most believe is a future all sec player. But you guys are wondering what could have been with a guy averaging 5 PPG on the worst high major team in the country… :lol:

Reggie Perry is what hurt. Would likely be Top 20 with him.


Maybe he was just never interested in being a Razorback, but the one they will really regret not getting I think will be Austin Reeves. The OU players and coaches are really high on him.

I don’t know if some of these posters are new to this forum or general amnesia develops as each year goes by, but Dudley has posted in detail why Austin Reeves, Connor Vanover did not end up here.

FWIW, Austin Reeves did not do excel at Wichita State and had to transfer out. Let’s see what he does at OU. Decent player but not a big difference maker.

FWIW, the entire collegiate recruiting world soured on Vanover after his performance or lack of it when Ron Crawford helped put him on the USA Youth team. Even Ron said a lot of colleges backed off him. A very good kid from a very good family. Very nice people. I hope he succeeds at Cal. I look for him to make a nice contribution by junior year. In a way, I am glad he is not here. He would not do much in his first two years and Mike would get blamed for that.