Connor Vanover will visit

Arkansas May 9-10.

He will also visit Vandy next week.

Final 5 games of season
FG 50%
3pt 41%
AVG PTS: 12.8

Conference Season:
FG: 46%
3PT: 36%
AVG Blks: 1.5

Sit 1, play 2?

3 unless he can get a waiver. Not sure how realistic that is but coming home/new coach but you never know.

Should be sit 1, play 3.

2018/2019 Freshman-Cal
2019/2020 Sophomore

2020/2021 RS SO
2021/2022 RS JR
2022/2023 RS SR

He will visit Vandy early next week.

3 years of eligibility left, will apply for waiver for 1. coach was fired 2. another reason I won’t mention here, for the same reason that RD won’t


Is what you’re saying is that, hopefully, he could play next year in the 19 class?

I have no idea. if we were Ohio state or Miiami or Kentucky basketball, then I’d be very optimistic, lol


I would think he’s a ‘19 player.

It is reported that Ruta visited with Connor today at Cal.

Two days ago, I felt he would stay at Cal because of the intense sales effort from the new staff and the family had chosen Cal over other offers because of academics. But it seems things have moved over the last couple of days. Today I feel good about Connor becoming a Hog. I think this is going to happen.

He’s planning to make a mid-May decision. He’ll chose from Cal, Hogs and Vandy.

If Arkansas and Connor are on the same page, I expect him to be a Hog.

Gonna have to start giving these bombs RD drops a nickname. Woj has the Woj Bomb, Senor Davenport needs one too.

Davenport Dime Drop

DD “coins” the phrase using DDD! :lol: Nice!

Haha. Perfect. Davenport Dime Drop it is!

Connor will not have many three point shots blocked, but he might swat
away a few. He must have some serious smarts.

Vanover led Cal with 35 blocked shots in 28 games. Chaney blocked 46 shots for us, and Dan 65.

Berkeley is a very good academic school, but like most Power 5 schools with high academic standards, they lower those standards a bit if you’re 7-3 or have a 95 mph fastball. Which was the whole point of the ongoing college admission scandal; rich parents paid to have the guy get their kids admitted to Yale or UCLA or whatever on the pretext that they were athletes when they were not athletes at all. If not for pretending to be athletes, those kids were not getting into those schools.

Thought I would add a few more video clips to supplement the one of the Stanford Game that I posted in another thread a few weeks ago.